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An image of a beautifully designed living room. A neutral colour palette makes this a calming and inviting space to relax.

News Time-Lapse of Interior Design Projects

29 November 2023 Daniel Curtis

Interior design is the careful creation and curation of a space for those who use it. User well-being and functionality are central concerns when trying to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Interior design has been the subject of many television shows in recent years, such as, 60 Minute Makeover, Changing Rooms, and Selling Houses showing how home enhancement projects continue to generate interest amongst audiences.

The rising role of social media in our daily lives, has also seen millions of people viewing and sharing their own ‘instaworthy’ images of home spaces, which they have made uniquely their own. We look at some truly spectacular interior design projects shared on YouTube, captured by time-lapse which show the evolution of a space into exceptionally versatile living areas created entirely for the users’ needs.

An image of a modern white curved chair.

This time-lapse video shows the full effects of a full re-modelling project of a family home. Outdated interiors are modernised with a fresh, clean look that makes full use of the natural light in the property. Hardwood floors and luxurious grey carpet give the house a more modern finish and a new extension gives a generous amount of bedroom space for a large family. The final walk through of the project makes clear the tremendous amount of hard work which has gone into creating a comfortable family home.

In Artisan Perspective’s YouTube video, a full transformation of a basement into a comfortable living space is captured using time-lapse photography. A series of interior dry walls section the large space into a games room, living room area, bathroom and storage room. Perfect for rooms that require little natural light, this clever use of space makes a lovely, comfortable living area. The open living spaces means that each room can be versatile to the user’s needs. A home gym is set up in one corner of the main living room meaning that the space is completely adaptable and several people can use the room differently at once.

In this YouTube video by It’s Beh-yah, a bedroom makeover is captured using time-lapse showing the complete transformation of this living space; giving it a more sophisticated look using a neutral colour palette. The project shows the user painting the walls and ceiling and arranging new furniture to give the space a completely new look. This video shows how a small budget and basic DIY skills can make a striking effect in any home.

Time-lapse is often used for property developers to market their newly built or refurbished homes, and time-lapse of interior design helps to document the creative process of the transformation of all manner of spaces. In this YouTube video, Bovis Homes have harnessed the power of time-lapse to showcase the quality work produced by their building team. The video shows the professionally designed scheme of their show-home in Oxfordshire, demonstrating to buyers how fabulous they could make their own property look on the Hampton Meadow estate. The inspiring, artful design of the rooms show the quality finishes of the kitchens and bathrooms and features luxurious high-end modern furniture with a polished chrome and grey design throughout the house. Texture is created throughout with natural woven materials, lippage tiles and neutral toned modern artwork within this family home. Footage captured using a drone shows a simple garden layout with a wooden play area for children. Immaculate lawns with a cream flagged seating area, flanked by a wooden pergola, wraps around the back of the house and is perfect for growing climbing plants upon to offer shade and interest to the outdoor space. This video shows how time-lapse can be used to inspire and engage viewers whilst informing them of a project’s progress.

As time-lapse for interior design becomes more popular, at Time-Lapse Systems we have worked on a range of interior fit-out projects, for a range of high-profile clients, such as Burberry, THREE mobile, The Alchemist Manchester, Microsoft (for their headquarters in London), Vision Express Oxford Street, Foodwells and Pure Gym – to name just some. We love watching these spaces evolve and seeing the incredible end results of these artfully and expertly created interiors. We know how important fittings are to people’s experience of spaces and the brand perception of businesses, and love how our clients use the results of our time-lapse photography to show the hard work and skill that they have put into their design process.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer please get in touch. Please look at other examples of our work in this sector which show precisely why we are the UK’s leading provider of time-lapse solutions in the UK.

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