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Guards on duty at Buckingham Palace. Our article looks at time-lapse footage of celebrations of King Charles III's coronation.

News Time-Lapse of King Charles III’s Coronation

23 May 2023 Holly Eckersley

King Charles and Queen Camilla have been crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May. In this article we look at time-lapse footage of the King’s coronation over this extraordinary weekend of celebrations. It was an incredibly special bank holiday which saw a perfect blend of ancient traditions, grand processions and regal pomp. 2,000 attendees watched on in Westminster Abbey as our new King was crowned with priceless regalia on full display. As the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby placed the St. Edward’s Crown on Charles’ head it marked a new chapter for the Royal Family. Millions of viewers all over the world watched the televised historic ceremony and procession.

On Sunday, street parties were enjoyed all over the UK as communities united to celebrate the occasion. A star-studded coronation concert took place at Windsor Castle as a crowd of 20,000 people including members of the Royal Family, watched Take That, Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie and others perform a selection of hit songs.

The bank holiday culminated with a national volunteering initiative titled ‘The Big Help Out‘ where everyone was encouraged to ‘Join in, lend a hand. Make a Change’ on the final day of the bank holiday. King Charles III invited Britons to support causes in their local community. Tens of thousands of people registered to attend local events proving a lasting legacy of the Coronation weekend.

After enjoying such a lovely bank holiday weekend we look at time-lapse footage of the event to show the sheer scale and support for the King at this historic event.

Royal Guards march at Buckingham Palace, London. Our article discusses time-lapse footage of nationwide celebrations of King Charles III's coronation.

The Times and The Sunday Times shared this time-lapse video of The Mall as people congregated waiting to get a view of The Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The footage articulates the sheer number of people in the crowd. In stunning detail this time-lapse video captures the crowd’s reaction as they all turn in unison to watch the Red Arrows fly over-head leaving a trail of the colours of the British flag.

Talk TV uploaded a time-lapse video showing images being projected onto the famous landmark, Big Ben in celebration of the coronation. Pedestrians and cars can be seen moving through the frame representing the passage of time as beautiful designs are projected on to the 97.5 metre clock tower. Projections of national flowers of all four home nations as-well as words from the national anthem and the coronation emblem cover this historic landmark for this special occasion. Big Ben was lit from 8pm on Saturday 6th May in celebration of the Coronation and on Sunday 7th May to coincide with the BBC’s Light up the Nation event which saw landmarks all over the UK being lit up using projections, lasers, drone displays and illuminations.

Paweł Libera captured this stunning time-lapse video showing the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Although this video was not filmed during King Charles III’s coronation, the permanent institution spanning 520 years, of the changing of the guard draws a crowd to Buckingham Palace each day. The changing of the guard has a long and important history where soldiers have guarded our Kings and Queens since Henry VII’s reign, and of-course the famous guards played their part in the coronation.

Scott Richards uploaded this time-lapse video onto YouTube showing the weather in Chorley on the day of the King’s coronation. In true British style the video shows the cloudy sky and a number of showers developing in the later half of the video. This video serves as a great visual document of this special day in typical British conditions.

We did not time-lapse the truly wonderful events celebrating the King’s coronation over the bank holiday weekend, although we have captured many other exciting projects in the vicinity in which the coronation took place, including the Horse Guard’s Parade. This stunning ceremonial parade ground in St. James’ Park will be the scene for Trooping the Colour for The King’s June birthday.

An image of the Horse Guard's Parade taken from open of Time-Lapse Systems above Ultra HD cameras.

At Time-Lapse Systems we have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating King Charles III’s coronation and we’re inspired by the time-lapse videos that have been taken capturing different aspects of events all over the UK.

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