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News Time-Lapse Systems: just some recent numbers

25 October 2017 Kate

Every now & again we like to report on our work as a leading time-lapse and site monitoring provider in the UK. So, we are once again bringing you an updated overview of our statistics.

Since our last numbers blog, we have recruited new staff, worked on a number of prestigious projects – some of which have featured on television broadcasts – and had our services commissioned by a number of high profile companies & businesses in various sectors, such as construction, leisure and entertainment.

In addition, our various software and back-end developments – such as our iRis 3.0 online viewer, and our dedicated London website, for example – reflect our determination to provide the best in time-lapse and site monitoring solutions to all our current and future clients.

Unique projects for iconic clients

Graphic showing work for both the BFI cinema build and Postal Museum Mail Rail rideThe past year or so has been a busy and exciting time, as our services have been called upon by several of our most recognisable clients, to help mark important milestones in their illustrious histories.

Working with the British Film Institute (BFI) in October last year, we were involved in a very special project documenting the exterior and interior construction of a temporary cinema venue at London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Marking the 60th anniversary celebrations of the London Film Festival, one of the main cultural events in the capital’s calendar, we provided a fully post-produced edit which the film & charitable organisation used as part of their publicity for this unique event, including sharing it with ITV.

In addition to capturing new builds, elsewhere in London, we were chosen by The Postal Museum (another sizeable charitable organisation) to time-lapse important underground developments at their treasured heritage site.

We spent two days in the subterranean network of railways below central London to record the completion of their interactive ‘Mail Rail’ attraction, which opened to the public earlier this year.

From 400 years of postal heritage to the 500-year-old legacy of the Mary Rose warship – another historical time-lapse and site monitoring project we were involved with.

We remain one of only a small number of people granted access to this iconic vessel, to provide the long-term uninterrupted footage of improvement works in the best possible manner, without causing any damage to the sensitive surrounding environment.

Global reach

Whether for projects that are steeped in years of heritage, or those that document the erection of new structures, we are proud to be nationally renowned for our services across the UK and further afield.

Specialising in innovative installation methods, we are able to provide time-lapse and site monitoring anywhere, anytime. Regardless of location, our fully accredited engineers are able to ‘think outside of the box’ safely and professionally, in order to meet the individual needs of each of our varied projects.

UK map showing the percentage of our camera systems in each regionCameras currently in situ

From as far North as Scotland, to parts of Yorkshire & the Humber, as well as the East of England and Wales, we cover jobs across a wide spread of the UK and Europe.

As a leading global city in terms of the arts, media, finance, education, tourism, research & development, it is not surprising that the highest proportion of our jobs are in London.

With 32% of our camera systems currently in situ in the capital, we now have a sister website dedicated solely to our services across London, as well as an additional 17% taking place in the South of England.

Other regions such as the West Midlands, are home to several major projects for some of the biggest, industry-leading businesses, including large-scale residential developments by Lovell and unique events for popular leisure resorts such as Alton Towers.

A significant number of our camera systems (11%) are also capturing in various parts of the North West. In the Greater Manchester area, in particular, we have provided time-lapse for over 50 varied projects, one of the core cities in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

Current sectors of work

It is not only our geographical spread but also the wide variety of sectors wherein our methods can, and are, applied, that show the length and breadth of our remit.

Our level of experience cannot be matched; we are better equipped than anyone else to manage and maintain any project, regardless of its subject matter, duration and individual specifications.

As the numbers below illustrate, from residential, to energy & utilities, leisure & retail, to education, our experience spans a broad spectrum of sectors.

Fully bespoke camera systems connected to sophisticated online networks, accommodating the ability to micro-manage settings remotely, means that we can guarantee professional quality throughout every phase of a project.

In addition to the more traditional subjects of time-lapse, we are currently using our unique solutions across the UK to capture more extraordinary developments, including boat builds for the Canal & River Trust at Ellesmere Port.

Bar chart showing that residential (31%) makes up the majority of our projects


Our global reach is also maximised by the varied applications of our fully post-produced (Ultra HD) time-lapse videos, which are shared privately among clients and their stakeholders, or publicly as part of their wider marketing campaigns, online and elsewhere.

Our multimedia approach allows us to fulfil specific requirements while delivering future-proof results. Following capture, our dedicated team of editors select from thousands of individual images in order to stitch together a comprehensive narrative.

While some of our edits are stored privately for our clients, others are uploaded to their own websites and various corporate channels. One of our most popular viral videos has accrued over 114,000 lifetime views.

Videos that are available publicly on our own Vimeo channel are viewed in countries all over the world; illustrating the span of this reach, the largest percentage of these views come from the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, and Spain, but our videos also receive attention from countries including Kenya, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Hong Kong.

In addition to these platforms, our time-lapse videos are also disseminated widely on social media.

Professionally tailored for use on Twitter and Facebook, our edits often function as entertaining, promotional material for our clients and their projects.

For the BFI and their temporary Embankment Garden Cinema, for instance, our time-lapse video was shared on their respective social media platforms a few days before the start of the London Film Festival 2016, drumming up public interesting and excitement surrounding the unique structure.

Their Facebook post garnered viral attention, and has been viewed over 14,000 times.

Whether to be shared and viewed on social media, used in televised broadcasts or official marketing campaigns, we provide professional content for our clients and their customers that is interactive and truly timeless.

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