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News Time-Lapse Videos of the Night Sky

9 July 2023 Holly Eckersley

When the sun is below the horizon, if the weather is kind, then the cycles of stars, planets and the moon can be seen in the night sky, creating a beautiful sight we can all enjoy. Through time, the night sky has inspired mythologies, legends, poetry and music, through modern day songs by artists Coldplay, Miley Cyrus and Kate Bush for example. Farmers have historically used the night sky to sense the changing seasons, whilst sailors have used it to guide their navigation. This article explores how the night sky has been captured by time-lapse photography and how time-lapse is the a fantastic means to view the movements of all the visible heavenly bodies.

An image of the night sky showing far off stars.

Time-Lapse of the Night Sky for Meditation

Night Sky Time Lapse captures the night sky from a range of locations in Zagare, Lithuania. Set to calming music this video was created with meditation in-mind. The images of the natural changes to the night sky promote a sense of tranquility in the viewer and articulate the vastness of space, making clear how we need to step beyond our daily lives and notice the changes in our natural world. Images show a heavily star speckled sky, swirling clouds and the light from the setting sun.

Forest view of the Night Sky: Time-Lapse

In another video by Night Sky Time Lapse, the viewer is taken on a walk through a forest where the night sky can be seen behind the outline of tall trees. The obscured view of the sky adds to the feeling of seclusion and peace as it encourages the viewer to imagine that they themselves are walking through a forest looking up at the stars above them. The dark purple tone of the sky gives an ethereal enchanted quality to the landscape. This stunning time-lapse video charts the sky getting darker and the slow process of the stars becoming brighter and more vivid. We really enjoyed this creatively shot video and the peaceful escape into the woods which it offers.

Star Trail Variants Time-Lapse

Great Day for a Hike uses time-lapse in a slightly different way. Using a DJI Osmo Action 3 camera, star trail variants are captured using StarStax and Adobe Lightroom. The swirling circular paths of stars are charted in this video creating a truly breathtaking document of the night sky. This shows how time-lapse is a beautifully creative media which can be adapted for the user’s needs.

At Time-Lapse Systems we have captured a number of projects connected to space exploration and research, including The Rosalind Franklin Rover. But, of course, all our externally located camera systems have at some time captured the night sky as context against the projects upon which we’ve been focused.

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