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News Weather worries: continuous time-lapse capture in all elements

15 December 2016 Daniel Curtis

The UK has seen some seasonal shockers so far this year, from flash flooding and freezing temperatures, to some of the hottest days on record.

And with expectations rising that Britain is heading towards the warmest Christmas Day on record, you never quite know what to expect weather-wise.

With this in mind, what measures need to be taken to ensure that such uncertainty does not get in the way of your outdoor camera operations? Here is what you need to know, particularly if there is a sudden cold snap.

Erratic elements

With projects that utilise time-lapse techniques, where images are captured consecutively at regular intervals, it is paramount that the camera system remains functioning consistently throughout the duration of the process.

In Britain, it is normal to expect rain, sleet, and snow all in one day, never mind all in one season. It is not only the camera itself that is important, therefore, but its exterior casing, or ‘housing’. It must be able to shelter the interior mechanics of the system from wet weather.

Turbulent temperatures

When operating a camera in the great outdoors it is not only precipitation that you need to be prepared for. Winter weather often means dipping temperatures so it is important that your camera can withstand the cold.

Although most DSLR cameras can withstand slightly colder outdoor temperatures, but when the gauge dips below zero, that is when the best can be separated from the rest.

Professional camera systems, built with custom-made climate control settings, can ensure that functionality is continuous and the equipment performs at its best, even in the coldest of climates.

Safe & secure

As well as the wet, extreme wind gusts can sometimes generate enough speed to threaten the stability of camera systems, particularly those that are free standing and not secured into position.

Camera systems need to be fixed to a sturdy mounting position, kept in place with strong brackets and other appropriate equipment that can ensure stability throughout.

Working outdoors can also threaten the security of camera equipment, so it is essential that the camera is mounted safely and with no potential harm to those in the immediate vicinity.

Equipped with appropriate accreditations and health & safety training, professional companies can guarantee continuous functionality.

Remotely does it

The beauty of professional camera systems is the remote capabilities that are available via wireless technology.

Changing weather conditions means that exposure and shutter speed settings may need to be monitored to ensure consistency across all images collected for the archive. Important changes can be made remotely and ensures clarity and quality remain the same throughout capture.

Even if there is no one on-site, any potential problems affecting the camera system can be picked up from any location connected wirelessly to the same network, giving you peace of mind when capturing in outdoor locations.


If you are considering using time-lapse and site monitoring solutions for a project in the great outdoors, it is worth contacting those who know how.

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