Time-Lapse Photography

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of time-lapse photography, combining years of experience, qualifications and top credentials to deliver only the very best quality videos and results to clients big and small.

Nobody works across a wider range of genres than we do. Just some of the sectors that our clients work in include:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Housing & Residential
  • Retail
  • Events & Leisure
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Education
  • Rail, Roads & Infrastructure


We DO NOT use vastly inferior third-party ‘off-the-shelf’ camera systems. All our camera systems are assembled in house by us and are FULLY CUSTOMISED to your unique project. We are an end-to-end specialist provider.


Our systems are fully MONITORED and MANAGED. We don’t just leave a camera system on your project; we are continually managing the capture (and hence the quality) remotely using fully secure connections.

And this is just part of what we do

As part of our unique approach, we offer the best all-round, end-to-end equipment and services. And the proof of what we do is evidenced by our work, the clients we work for and what they say.

Long-term projects

Our long-term projects are continually remotely monitored and managed through our machine-to-machine 3G and 4G communication. We can control EVERY setting on the professional DSLR cameras that are at the centre of all our systems. This remote monitoring and control guarantees our projects and the quality of these projects. The lengthiest of our projects is currently 15 years, but we can capture projects of any duration.

Short-term projects

Our short-term projects are managed in a variety of ways. We use the best cameras and necessary supporting equipment to capture projects from multiple positions, using a range of techniques. Depending on the requirements and environment this can be achieved with a camera operator in situ, using our remote capabilities or a combination of both.

Mixed capture

Time-lapse is great, but often more is needed. We have a track record in many other forms of media production (please see our sister website www.hideawaymedia.com) and often mix the capture of time-lapse with a range of other content. These techniques include film/ video and drones, and a range of supporting equipment and expertise, allowing us to enhance time-lapse edits and produce the best results possible.

Some of the many uses our time-lapse systems are put to:


The quality in which we capture and how we manage it means that any project is captured in the best way possible. We can produce ongoing periodic edits as well as full edits at the end of projects, representing your company/ project to the optimum.

Workflow & process modelling

Many of our clients like us to put together extended edits which can show the full detail of every element of various processes and stages, for analysis, review, improvement, training and more.

Archival project documentation

As well as our edits - assembled in various ways - we often provide clients with full time and date-stamped Ultra High Definition image archives, which can be used for posterity, reference, in dispute resolution and more.

Internal & external communications

Our Interactive Remote Imaging System (iRis) online platform allows many information and sharing capabilities. Visit site monitoring to see the many benefits.

Site Monitoring

View & access live images from your project, a full archive and a host of special viewing options from any device, anywhere in the world.

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