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Lego minifigures photographed beside a Nikon DSLR camera.

News 5 of our LEGO time-lapse projects

31 May 2019 Kate

We reflect on five of the many projects we have captured featuring the much-loved brand, LEGO.

Construction is a visually engaging process to watch through the medium of time-lapse. But these contexts do not always have to include cranes, bulldozers and personnel in hard hats.

Part of our time-lapse portfolio in the UK & Europe includes an extensive list of projects for LEGO, as well as their owner, Merlin Entertainments. These range from scale-model builds of famous landmarks, to entire themed attractions, and even the construction of a London-based flagship store.

Having celebrated their 60th birthday in 2018, the iconic toy brand continues to capture the imagination of growing generations through newer LEGO franchises, including those on the big screen. Our work helps to capture some of the timeless joy of building with this little plastic brick in its original form.

It’s impossible for us to pick a favourite but below we take a look back at five of our LEGO time-lapse projects, which span across an entire decade!

1. Abeno Harukas – LEGO scale-model build time-lapse


Capturing construction of Japan’s tallest skyscraper – Abeno Harukas – was a three-month job, which required rapid interval time-lapse to record each phase of the project.

The meticulousness involved in building a LEGO scale-model is brought to the fore through the heightened pace of action. Additionally, capturing the structure as it was manoeuvred around Legoland Windsor before it could be completed emphasises the sheer size of the structure.

Our time-lapse records the very beginning of the Habeno Harukas scale-model before it would be permanently housed at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Osaka.

2. Dallas Cowboys Stadium – LEGO scale-model build time-lapse


Another of the extremely popular LEGO-builds to find a home abroad features a replica of the home of American Football team, the Cowboys. The model was built as part of the many attractions for the Legoland Discovery Centre at Grapevine Mills in Dallas, Texas.

With over 239,000 views on YouTube alone, our edit, which shows this project in its entirety, was also used in the USA to show how this remarkable build had unfolded.

3. Star Wars Miniland  time-lapse – Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

Lego Star Wars Miniland exhibit opens

Part of our LEGO repertoire includes this time-lapse video documenting the installation of an entire Star Wars Miniland attraction.

Although this time-lapse construction project is of smaller scale compared to most that we typically capture in this genre, it was by no means minimal in terms of the labour that involved. To make the themed attraction required:

  • 250,000 LEGO bricks
  • 2,000 LEGO minifigures
  • 2,000 man hours.

4. Fenway Park – LEGO scale-model build time-lapse


From a Miniland in Manchester to Boston: we also time-lapsed construction of a replica Fenway Park.

The scale-model stands at 12-square-foot, is made from 28,000 bricks, and is now permanently on display at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our time-lapse video commissioned by Merlin Entertainments was featured by popular news platforms including, USA Today, WBTV and Fox.

5. Leicester Square LEGO store time-lapse

Special launch event for the world's largest Lego store


Last but certainly not least among our successfully completed LEGO projects, is our internal capture of their Leicester Square store fit-out.

Situated at 48 LSQLONDON, this store is the biggest in the world and so it was fitting to document its transformation from an empty shell into the flagship retail space for which it is now known. Working for our client ISG, we utilised both time-lapse and rapid interval capture to provide a visual narrative of important activities, such as stocking shelves, model installations and the store’s special launch event.

The store is home to numerous London landmark replicas, including a 637,000-brick Underground train and a one-tonne scale-model of Big Ben.


These are just five of the many LEGO-themed projects we have successfully undertaken, producing numerous time-lapse edits that will contribute to the brand’s timelessness.

To read more about some of our other work featuring this iconic brand, read our special case study following LEGO’s 60th anniversary.

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