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News 7 benefits of construction site monitoring

11 July 2019 Kate

Site monitoring refers to an important application that can be provided alongside a traditional time-lapse offering, enabling full visual coverage of construction works via networked camera systems.

Like time-lapse photography itself, this is a visual solution which yields numerous benefits for those involved in construction work.

Projects and the activities involved in this sector may vary but a professional time-lapse company will provide the right visual tools to capture the job in full, regardless of context.

In this blog we list seven benefits of construction site monitoring.

1. ‘Live’ HDR images of site

With a time-lapse camera system installed on your construction site, capturing high definition images at regular intervals, you’ll have access to immediate updates via an online viewing portal.

As images populate the viewer, you are able to see what is happening on site from a remote location. This proves highly effective as access to site might be limited.

2. Up-to-date time-lapse archive

Each image is sent from the camera system to the online viewing portal via wireless networks. These individual images then populate a time-lapse archive which grows with your project.

Neatly organised by time, date and year, it is quick and easy to isolate particular time periods. This can be a great way to reflect on progress made or simply to check up on a delivery or other forms of activity retrospectively.

Images can also be downloaded from the portal, collectively and individually, to be kept as a permanent record of the project.

3. Accessible anywhere

Access to the live images and the project back-catalogue via handheld devices also helps to solve practical hurdles.

The advantage of keeping an eye on site even when you are not able to be there in person can be facilitated by viewer applications on other devices. As well as viewing images via a desktop PC, with personalised log-in credentials a viewing portal may be accessed on laptops, smartphones, iPads and other tablets.

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4. Keeping all parties informed

Construction site monitoring acts as an interactive internal intermediary between project leads and various personnel, as well as more external parties such as stakeholders.

All involved can stay in-the-loop via the viewer, which may be embedded on to external websites and other internet platforms; also great for communicating developments with the public.

5. Visual representations at every step

Time-lapse and site monitoring also provides visual evidence of progress, which helps to supplement external processes such as press releases, news reports and other public communications.

An image can speak more to progress than a report simply describing construction developments. The facility of an online archive also provides a platform from which to compare past and present images of a construction site. This can help to give a more solid idea about how much work has taken place and what more needs to be done.

6. Easy to share on multiple platforms

As well as regular interval photography facilitating accurate site monitoring systems for construction projects, individual images (as well as videos) make excellent content for sharing across various platforms.

Internal channels, such as email or for presentations, can keep everyone up to speed and provide visual tools which can be monitored and studied.

Both individual images and time-lapse video can also be shared easily on social media, garnering a significant interest and circulating in wider external networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms that heavily utilise photo and video, are arenas in which contractors can further showcase their work.

7. The complete package with time-lapse photography

While site monitoring offers a means of seeing progress unfold via live images in real time, these high definition images can also be used to illustrate an entire project from start to finish in the form of a time-lapse video.

Both of these uses for time-lapse photography are part of a full end-to-end package from professional providers, which are not only beneficial to construction, but in other sectors including event management and internal fit-outs.

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