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Aerial perspective of waves crashing onto a sandy beach.

News Time-Lapse Trends: capturing summertime

9 July 2019 Kate

“Time-Lapse Trends” is a video blog series which draws attention to some of the many exciting trends in time-lapse production. We feature a new trend in each instalment, to demonstrate the scope of the medium and the various ways in which it is applied, ranging from the popular to the more obscure.

It might be the time for you to be packing your bags for your holidays, jetting off abroad, or just enjoying summertime from your own backyard. All of these seasonal activities look great when time-lapsed – take a look.

Particular cities spring to mind quicker than others when thinking about summertime destinations – Athens, Sorrento, Barcelona – but it can be interesting to see unfamiliar places in a sunshine glow.

This time-lapse edit (below) by Martin Moore showcases the largest city in the US state of Wisconsin.


The video takes us to various everyday spots in Milwaukee which are lit up – be it by natural or artificial light – showcasing the rhythm of the summer.

This is what time-lapse photography does exceptionally well: the technique identifies the heartbeat of a subject and highlights this through a much faster pace. An additional benefit of this accelerated representation of time is that patterns, such as those that would naturally unfold quite slowly can be visualised in a much shorter timeframe.

Take this video of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge in 2017, for example. From the sun setting on 20 June to its rising on the 21 June in the UK – the longest day of the year – is depicted in less than a minute through the lens of time-lapse.

In this respect, time-lapse photography can also function as a visual record of significant stretches of time – such as entire seasons – like this one from Peter Schagen.

In this video a collection of memories are cleverly edited together to unfold one after the other, which appear as a sort of summertime scrapbook.

Time-lapse photography & summertime vibes

In addition to shooting time-lapse from a fixed position, it is also interesting to see the effect of dynamic camera movements, changing angles and rapid interval capture.

The shifting of perspective and energy that this injects into a particular subject is fascinating to watch. Joshua VP’s “Summer Escape” compilation is a great example of this.

In our “Time-Lapse Trends” blogs, we also like to draw attention to the scope of the medium and its more obscure applications.

To finish with, then, we bring you this impressive time-lapse construction narrative from the magical Minecraft universe.


In the same way as time-lapse benefits any other construction scenario, we see the “Crystal Island Summer Resort” come together in under five minutes. Although an artificial environment, the palm trees and sandy beaches give off major summer vibes.


There are certain positive feelings attached to the summer season and time-lapse allows you to capture and relive these again and again.

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