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News Additional uses of time-lapse photography

2 March 2015 Daniel Curtis

Following on from last week’s blog – adding value to your brand – we take a look at some further uses of time-lapse that you might not have considered previously.

Screenshots of iRis 4.0 viewers embedded onto websites
Time-lapse photography is completely unrestrictive and incredibly engaging.

This form of photography involves taking very high-quality images at set intervals for a pre-determined length of time. Webcams are not suitable for this, as they do not produce a high enough quality of image. (The best companies will only use the most professional cameras.)

By making sure the company you hire captures in 4K resolution you are, in turn, ensuring the final time-lapse edit is completely future-proof. Ultra HD is slowly taking hold in the consumer market and could potentially become the industry standard by the end of the decade.

This quality is also more than suitable for use on a range of platforms – not least television and the web. Take this feature on the new specialist emergency care hospital, featured in an episode of The One Show on BBC One.

Skip to about 2 minutes in and time-lapse plays a prominent role in creating the ‘Mission Impossible’ sequence used. Whilst the footage has been taken over a long period and then shortened, it is a great example of how even just short bursts of time-lapse photography can enhance a piece of video.

Prestigious concert venue the Royal Albert Hall found an innovative way to enhance their 2013 Annual Review – by including time-lapse. If you are looking to send out an online document, embedding video like this can really add an additional element to the visuals, and help to further your brand and its message.

More traditional uses are also popular, such as this edit for Lincolnshire County Council and FCC Environment. Local authorities often use such videos to keep the public informed – particularly when there has been a use of taxpayer’s money. In this particular case, the edit has been included in a wider article about a new waste management and recycling facility.

If you are looking into using time-lapse for site monitoring, event management or marketing, please get in touch with use. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop ideas.

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