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Clouds and blue skies.

News A look at nature-based time-lapse videos

6 March 2015 Daniel Curtis

Construction, demolition, leisure, retail and events – just some of the many industries that now utilise time-lapse.

Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses
Weather is one of the most popular time-lapse subjects.

The better-than-webcam quality is an attractive proposition, whether camera systems are installed for site monitoring, time-lapse, and marketing – or a mixture of the three.

Recent blogs have focused on how to get the best out of a finished edit, the newer subjects of such photography and the benefits of the images themselves.

Today we turn the attention to individual enthusiasts who have been out and about creating visually stunning time-lapse videos. These sorts of edits have a wide visual appeal due to the awe-inspiring landscapes they capture.

So on this Friday afternoon, sit back and enjoy the magic that can be created by time-lapse photography.

It’s difficult not to enjoy ‘good looking’ snow scenes when all we get here is bitterly cold winds. That’s probably why this video from Mustafa Gültaş is so appealing. The hot air balloon scene (about midway through at 1:20) is a real treat!

Snow in the valley / Cappadocia from Mustafa Gültaş on Vimeo.

Keeping it with the sky – which tends to be a popular capture choice by hobbyists and professionals alike – this full moon ‘rising’ is rather impressive. Garry O. Grimm states he was “lucky” to catch it whilst in the foothills east of Boise, Idaho. The name of the hill in shot? Lucky Peak!

Full Moon Rising Time Lapse Boise, Idaho from Gary O. Grimm on Vimeo.

Before moonrise must come the sunset, which is the subject of this striking time-lapse from Cyril Noir. The flash of the red at the end an excellent example of the visual appeal most professional video edits boast.

Kyle Canyon-Road to Pauhrump Desert Sunset Timelapse from Cyril Noir on Vimeo.

And finally, a great example of how time-lapse can highlight contrasts but still look absolutely stunning.

ALMA Time-lapse sequences – June 2010 from Jose Francisco Salgado on Vimeo.

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