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A horse-drawn cart passes a Christmas market in the snow

News Around the world in 12 Christmas time-lapses – part one

21 December 2016 Daniel Curtis

With the holidays just around the corner and the big day fast approaching, we’ve put together a selection of time-lapse videos – on for each of the “12 Days of Christmas” – capturing the wonders of the festive season across different corners of the globe.

And so in no particular order, here’s the first six of them…

1. Birmingham Christmas Market set-up time-lapse

A Christmas in the Midlands always involves a flavour of the festive season abroad with a visit from the German Markets. Dozens of workers are involved in constructing the stalls before they open to the public in mid-November.

Positioned in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre, in Victoria Square and New Street, the German Markets attract thousands of tourists each year. With Bavarian food, drink, toys, decorations, jewellery and crafts aplenty, the markets comprise the largest outside of Germany.

2. Christmas Lights | A London TimeLapse Film

From the UK’s second largest city to the largest – London. This incredible time-lapse film has only just been released by creator Mattia Bicchi, just in time for Christmas.

Bicchi has managed to capture the beauty of the seasonal decorations amongst the everyday hustle and bustle of the ‘Big Smoke’.

3. Merry Christmas From Scotland (Lulled With a Stiff Drink) – Laurie Cameron – whisky timelapse

Christmas with a twist now (and we are not just referring to the whisky!)

Perhaps not a festive themed video in the most traditional sense, this video captures those (rare) moments of quiet at Christmas where you get to sit and enjoy the soothing glow of the lights with a musical accompaniment. A music video with only time-lapse!

4. “Christmas in Paris” (2014)

Moving away from the UK, we start to move around the world and visit Paris – the so-called “City of Light”.

The city’s reputation actually refers to its position as the intellectual centre of Europe during the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century. However, its eminent past aside, this time-lapse captures the capital city continuing to live up to its name in the present. How many of Paris’ iconic landmarks can you spot in this festive video?

5. Moscow Christmas 2016 timelapse

From one capital city and on to another – this time Moscow, in Russia.

It looks freezing – with snow on the ground and an abundance the ice sculptures – but the lights in this Christmas time-lapse provide a warming glow as you take a tour around the country’s most populated city.

6. Madrid christmas Time-Lapse

And finally for part one of our tour around the world, we are asking – is it really Christmas without snow?

Perhaps not in the colder parts of Europe but in the Spanish capital of Madrid, the only icicles you will find are those in the form of Christmas lights. Ricardo Gapar Lázaro’s time-lapse shows the festivities throughout the day and when they really come alive at night.

Continue the Christmas time-lapse tour with part two of this special festive blog.

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