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The finished HotRot project

News Beaming back Images to New Zealand!

15 April 2011 Kate

In this image, Mike Norton (right) of CFS with his colleague from New Zealand in front of the recently installed composting systems.

We have just completed the time-lapse of the installation of an innovative composing system for CFS and HotRot in Kent. The system is the first in the northern hemisphere and has been brought to the UK from New Zealand by CFS and HotRot, and partly installed by engineers flown in from ‘down under’.

Partners in New Zealand and the UK have been able to view every stage of the installation in high definition by logging into our web viewer which has provided up to the minute images of the project as it has progressed. They have enjoyed the capability of being able to carry out digital zooms to give great detail of every stage of the construction.

As we are a producer of film as well as time-lapse specialists, we have also carried out filming work to further document the project. We are now set to edit together our time-lapse sequence and integrate it as part of a promotional film to showcase the great collaborative work of the two companies.

Thanks to CFS and HotRot and particularly Mike Norton for being an absolute pleasure to work for!

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