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Time-lapse capture completed at the Nicolson Institute school, Stornoway

News Capturing projects in the education sector with time-lapse

17 January 2017 Daniel Curtis

As we have considered in a number of our previous blogs, public sector services form a substantial part of our construction portfolio.

From new school builds, facilities, and crucial redevelopments, time-lapse in all its versatility proves to be of great significance across all these areas and more.

This blog emphasises a number of benefits of utilising time-lapse as part of these projects, spotlighting our work on some of the 40+ education projects we have been involved with in different parts of the UK.

A multi-genre solution, time-lapse is an important visual tool that can be applied in a multitude of different ways across different sectors. One benefit of time-lapse to any construction environment is the panoptic view of developments on-site that it can offer, allowing clients and stakeholders to stay up-to-date with construction progress via a sophisticated online viewing portal.

This is particularly valuable for jobs that the public has an interest in, as they may utilise the development’s services upon their completion.


Project file #1 – Thurrock Campus development

Location: Grays, Essex
Project value: £45 million

Our client: South Essex College
Capture duration: 24 months
Images captured: 63,000 from two camera systems

Our dual camera system set-up tracked everything from pre-construction demolition works, the campus build itself, and new students upon their arrival at the start of term in September 2014.

The above one-minute time-lapse edit was ideal for use on the college’s websites and media platforms, as a short but permanent record of these important developments that will benefit students and wider publics indefinitely.


Another benefit of time-lapse to these types of jobs is remote capture – where camera system settings may be controlled across 3G and 4G networks – allowing 24-hour control of the project regardless of duration or the conditions faced on-site.

Continuous management of the camera system in this way means that a consistent, high quality level of capture can be maintained and ensured without hands-on intervention.

This is especially beneficial when construction sites are busy and heavily concentrated. Remote management allows works to continue undisturbed and with optimum efficiency, limiting the risks that come with working in sometimes dangerous or impractical environments.


Project file #2 – Nicolson Institute, Stornoway

Location: Isle of Lewis (the largest town in the Outer Hebrides)
Project value: Part of £125 million Western Isles School Project

Our client: FMP Construction
Capture duration: 20 months
Images captured: 28,000 from one camera system

This build marked the first time our work took us to Scotland, capturing a flagship build as part of the momentous Western Isles School Project scheme.

In this final edited sequence, our rapid time-lapse capture is further enhanced by subtle digital moves along the length of the construction site, resulting in one of our most timeless edits – despite the problematic weather conditions. Sun, rain, sleet, snow, and wind – you name it, we had it in Stornoway!


Time-lapse and site monitoring also provides beneficial logistical support on construction sites. With a new, ultra HD image populating the dedicated viewing platform every 15 minutes (or even quicker if needed), quantity surveyors & managers can keep tabs on deliveries, progress, and the general progress on site.

Communications between all invested parties, from the contractors to the educational institution itself, can also be improved by this remote networking.


Project file #3 – Project Capella

Location: Cambridge Biomedical Campus, University of Cambridge
Project value: £79 million

Our client: Kier
Capture duration: Ongoing
Images captured: 60,000 from one camera system

Kier's work on the Project Capella construction at University of Cambridge

The 17,000 sq ft Capella building is the second largest of 23 projects that Kier have undertaken for the University of Cambridge and is only one of many projects that we have been involved with for the contractor.

Works on the project as a whole are expected to be completed in the summer of this year, providing a total of 31,000 sq m of research space to staff and students.


But it is not just education projects that benefit from time-lapse. Our solutions have also been used to capture works across other public sectors, including:

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