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Historic Horse Guards Parade project

News Capturing time-lapse across London

18 August 2016 Daniel Curtis

As our most recent statistics blog shows, a large percentage of our time-lapse and site monitoring work is currently taking place in London and the South of England. In fact, we have worked on hundreds of varied projects across the region.

London is the world’s leading financial centre for international business and commerce, so it is of no surprise that the biggest contractors are constantly undertaking construction, demolition & redevelopment work at the heart of the city, and capturing the process using time-lapse photography.

Not only that, but also more and more media companies & brands are utilising this image capture method to create and enhance corporate films & videos to use internally, for marketing and more.

Our unique camera systems are built to operate at optimum quality for any purpose regardless of the surroundings, the scale and nature of a particular project.

In this blog we take a closer look at how our time-lapse solutions have been utilised at varied but well-known locations across the country’s capital, showcasing the wide variety of developments and events that are taking place in day-to-day London life.


Royal Albert Hall

At one of London’s most iconic entertainment venues, this stunning video edit captures an incredible year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall:

As with most indoor venues but particularly with one like this, which is full of life and constantly in use, consistent management of the camera system was required to adapt to the suit of differing action and lighting conditions.

Our team were able to remotely monitor the discreetly custom-mounted camera system so as to capture the incredibly diverse programme that the venue hosts across the year, including the Royal Variety Performance, The Proms and Masters Tennis.


Horse Guards Parade

Another memorable project we completed saw us given special access to capture at the former office of the Duke of Wellington at Horse Guards Parade, overlooking St James’ Park and Whitehall.

Two of our camera systems, one of which was positioned on the balcony of this eminent building, captured the construction and decoration of the lavish interiors of the temporary buildings that housed this spectacular event:

This was the first time that time-lapse cameras had been given access to this particular location in London, thanks to special permissions from the security services, 10 Downing Street and senior members of the Armed Forces.


Watford Football Club

GL events commissioned one of our time-lapse camera systems to capture the 36-week stand redevelopment project at Watford Football Club during the 2013/14 & 2014/15 seasons, tracking both the demolition and construction stages.

The thousands of high quality images have been specially edited using a number of unique techniques to create a fascinating look at the redevelopment at the Hornet’s historic Vicarage Road ground:

We also provided a special online remote viewing system to track the progress of this project that caused a storm on social media, with fans and stakeholders alike.

(And yes, we know Watford is *just* outside London. But it is one of our favourite and most popular videos!)


As media specialists with years of relevant skills and experience, we are able to deliver the best quality capture and live site monitoring of events, whether external or internal.

We continue to work in and around London and are proud to be involved in capturing key redevelopments and cultural highlights in one of the world’s most iconic locations.

Hideaway Studios Group is always ready to provide time-lapse and live site monitoring anywhere in London and the South of England, the wider country and even further afield.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with your requirements and any queries you may have – we would be more than happy to help.

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