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Aerial view over Providence Place in West Brom

News Capturing flagship office developments across the UK

9 November 2022 Kate

Time-lapse Systems have worked on construction sites across the UK. Capturing leading office developments for nationally renowned clients, and for some of the UK’s biggest contractors with our specialist HD Time-lapse equipment.

The construction projects we have captured have seen us setting up as far north as Central Scotland, and right down to the South Coast of England. With our expertise and experience, we can adapt to the surroundings of the project.


City sites

Our work has included many projects right in the middle of city centres. No matter the logistics, we are able to develop a plan which allows our HD time-lapse camera equipment to capture the development and the progress of a project. We have provided time-lapse and site-monitoring solutions to a number of flagship office builds in large UK cities.


70 St Mary Axe


One of the many projects ongoing here at Time-lapse Systems is the capture of 70 St Mary Axe. A construction project in London, this building is a dynamic addition to London’s high-rise skyline. The ‘Can of Ham’, as it is otherwise known, is situated in a particularly pronounced cluster of the City, which also includes the iconic ‘Gherkin’ (30 St Mary Axe).

Our long-term capture for contractor Mace began back in early 2016; our secure, remote networking capabilities enabled every aspect of this elegant office build to be caught on camera.


St Marys Axe

Above: our own Ultra HD quality capture of St Mary Axe – a flagship office building, in a prominent location in the City of London, UK.


Wellington Place


For many contractors, sharing time-lapse updates helps them to gain attention for the construction of commercial properties they have been involved with.

Our specialist camera equipment captured the 4 Wellington Place project in Leeds. The photography helps to put the scale of the project into perspective in relation to the rest of the city. This project was managed by one of our long-standing clients MEPC, this is just one of the projects that we are capturing on the Wellington Place business estate.

Our time-lapse videos have also enabled MEPC to visually archive multiple other office developments at their Milton Park business estate in Oxford, UK.



From business builds to company HQ’s

Whilst our time-lapse photography is perfect for capturing office developments across the UK, we have also worked on a number of HQ developments.

Displaying the construction of office builds highlights expansion and helps to showcase portfolios. However, capturing the development of a headquarters is important for businesses.


Providence Place


Time-lapse Systems installed a bespoke camera system to capture the build of Providence Place, for The West Brom– one of the UK’s largest building societies. This building revolutionised the area of West Bromich, as it was the first new office of its kind, in the town centre, since the 1970s.

Our cameras captured the development of the 70,000 sq ft, five-story headquarters building for the company.



Indoor office developments

Whilst most people would associate time-lapse photography with external construction works, we have extensive experience in capturing internal projects.


Southampton Freight Services


We captured the internal headquarters re-fit for our friends at Southampton Freight Services. Combining our time-lapse, and other video solutions to deliver full documentation of the project. A project which took 9 weeks to complete. Rapid interval capture was also needed to effectively convey the various remodelling and refurbishing processes.

Members of our team returned 2 years after the project was complete. We installed two camera systems, and four in situ operations, to capture the busy day-to-day life of the company. This included visualising the new office space in full working capacity using motion-controlled rigs.




Other company headquarters we have captured include Scottish Power’s in Glasgow for Laing O’Rourke and Hutchison 3G, also in Glasgow.


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Our time-lapse and site-monitoring services continue to capture construction projects across the UK. Visualising flagship builds, re-fits, and headquarters development for nationally renowned clients.

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