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Aerial view from a Google satellite image as part of a time-lapse

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15 March 2017 Daniel Curtis

Time-lapse is a great tool for isolating the tiniest of details. But it is equally impressive when helping to capture a subject in its entirety – no matter the size or scale.

In this video-blog we feature some examples where time-lapse has been utilised in order to track the progression and development of subjects of considerable relative size.

“Three Decades of Earth Seen From Space | TIME”

When tracking changes the Earth’s landscape and our interactions with it, just 28 years is enough to show vast and considerable differences.

Blending satellite imagery and Google Earth Engine technology, this video neatly captures the impact of human activity on the planet as seen from space. The expansion of a major US city can be seen to unfold, as well as more problematic effects such as shrinking glaciers and disappearing forests.

As well as documenting changes here on Earth, time-lapse can now be incorporated with other scientific, astrological tools to see changes on a much larger scale – and from a bird’s eye view.

“IMPRESSIVE Urban Timelapse: Tverskaya street renovation in heart of Moscow”

On a different scale, but as the title itself suggests, this is still an ‘impressive’ time-lapse edit.

The movements of the video document the relaying of one of the main streets in Moscow’s city centre. About eight thousand tons of bitumen-concrete mixture covers more than 32,000 sq m over the course of a one-day period. 300 unites of equipment were used to enable this process – an impressive number in itself!

“Timelapse Shows Impressive Street Art Mural in Rio de Janeiro”

This video features world-renowned artist Eduardo Kobra in his attempt to set the world record for the largest mural created by a single person.

In the heart of Rio, produced to coincide with the 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian street artist covered a 190m-long rundown wall in painted art work, illustrating five faces from five continents (representing the five Olympic rings).

To complete this epic composition, 100 gallons of white paint were used, along with 1,500 litres of coloured and 3,500 cans of spray paint. Kobra and his team worked tirelessly for 12 hours-per-day in order to complete this colourful display.

The finished thing is absolutely incredible, especially captured with time-lapse. The technique not only highlights the painstaking contribution of each individual, but views the progress comprehensively from a distance.

These videos highlight the diversity of projects that time-lapse can be of benefit to. From individual walls, to street resurfacing and satellite imagery, time-lapse can be utilised to capture almost anything, and for any purpose.

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