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Christmas 2020 captured on time-lapse

News Christmas 2020 captured on time-lapse

24 December 2020 Kate

Christmas is nearly here, with twinkly lights, festive music, and decorations appearing far earlier this year. After a strange few months, people need the cheer and familiarity that the big day brings. Christmas 2020 may be rather different from the previous, but people are ready to celebrate and enjoy some much-needed yuletide cheer. We have pulled together a selection of time-lapse videos that reflect what is happening this year.

Christmas Lights time-lapse

We may all be having to stay close to home, but time-lapse footage from around the world allows us to be transported and to admire the dedication put into this year’s Christmas preparations and decorations.

One video that aims to bring cheer to 2020 is Lee Tung Avenue Christmas 2020 Timelapse – Butterflies of Hope. It allows the viewer to watch the construction of a public light art display. The innovative interactive decorations are themed to bring hope and optimism for the new year – the unsettling time the world has had reinforced by many mask wearers in the frame.

Another amateur video shares the magic and the magnitude of the Christmas lights in downtown Rochester. This small town in America is ready to spread some light and joy to its residents, and through this video, to the world. In keeping with the times (and regulations), passers-by are all masked up in their walk around town.

Rupert Punsalan also shares the effort that local communities are putting into their decorations this December. Through a short time-lapse and hyper-lapse film, we are transported to the Winding Walk community in Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, California to see the bright lights and decorations residents have decked their houses and streets with.

A time-lapse detailing the dedication and time put into the preparation of Christmas light displays is “Over 50000 Christmas Lights Set Up Timelapse” as just one house is adorned with over 50000 lights, from the roof to the windows and doorways.

Families Decorating for Christmas

Families are using time-lapse videos more than ever, to share their Christmas experiences with their family and friends, as well as the general public. As we are spending more time at home in our “bubbles”, this has proved an excellent way to reach out to the rest of the world and share a bit of the everyday joy in collectively putting up homely decorations.   

We can see families laughing, strewing the house with tinsel and bunting, as is the case with thefooleryoftom home video.  

Whilst others focus on the Christmas tree being festooned with twinkling lights and bright baubles.

Christmas crafting on time-lapse

There are many crafting ideas to occupy adults and children alike throughout the festive season.

Most houses display a holly and berry-filled door wreath, so numerous time-lapse videos show how to construct them.

For those feeling more adventurous, there is an array of other festive craft projects to try, from origami Christmas trees to sparkling star decorations to stylish tablescapes.

Christmas wrapping

A simple (and often mundane) part of Christmas preparations that seems to have become popular to view on Youtube is the gift wrapping of presents. Viewers can glean ideas on how to creatively wrap Christmas gifts and they are also encouraged to wrap their gifts alongside the time-lapse videos.


In the kitchen at Christmas

As we’re all home for Christmas this year, there is plenty of focus on festive food, from mince pies to pigs in blankets and roast turkey.

Gingerbread houses are popular festive treats, and this amateur time-lapse tutorial shows how to make your own from scratch.

There are also detailed time-lapse tutorials on how to decorate elaborate Christmas cookies.  

Time-lapse footage of turkey dinner preparations can be viewed, with households documenting the hustle and bustle of the kitchen to produce the traditional meal. Families sitting down to their Christmas dinner is also caught on film, allowing relatives and outsiders to enjoy the atmosphere and feel part of the main event.  


Relaxing Christmas time-lapses

Many Christmas time-lapse videos focus on festive activities, whilst a few centre on cosy relaxation. If you wish you can watch a time-lapse of a Christmas log fire – if you don’t have one and want to create some warming yuletide ambiance.

Whilst you can even watch someone piece together a Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

These quirky takes on time-lapse may offer people isolated in their own homes some comfort in watching such everyday things. This year is a time to feel heart warmed by the usual Christmas routines. Hopefully next year we will be wowed by the extravagant festivities from previous years. If you feel like reminiscing, check out some of our previous Christmas time-lapse blogs featuring Christmas markets, bustling light-filled cities, giant Christmas trees, and crowds.

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