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News Christmas Markets in Time-Lapse

9 December 2021 Kate

Christmas markets have become an integral part of the run-up to Christmas. Traditional German Christmas markets have extended their reach well beyond the country’s borders to around the globe. With bustling crowds, laden stalls, and decorative lights the inviting festive atmosphere of markets can be succinctly and effectively captured through time-lapse. Using just a few minutes of edited footage, the whole festive event can be condensed and come to life through a time-lapse video.

One of the most beautiful Christmas market time-lapse videos is “ Christmas Time in Prague, Czechia – Timelapse Video” by Lucie Debelkova. It transports the viewer to Prague, which is picturesque throughout the year but takes on a completely magical feel in the festive period with its extensive Christmas markets. The city’s numerous markets often rank in Europe’s Top 10, and this time-lapse captures the full range – from the popular bustling market in the Old Town Square to smaller more relaxed markets such as in the Prague Castle courtyards. The footage also ensures the viewer appreciates the markets stunning surroundings by capturing the breath-taking architecture of the city, lit up in festive lights and fireworks.

The video is also effective at evoking the whole market experience by capturing food stallholders in action, roasting almonds, grilling the Czech market fayre Trdelník pastries, and ladling out traditional hot wine. It takes the viewer on a tour of further stalls too, time-lapsing skilled glassblowers and blacksmiths at work creating exquisite Christmas decorations and gifts.

Another mesmerizing Christmas Market time-lapse is “Christmas Magic” by Aliaume Chapelle showcasing some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe from Brussels, Brugge to Aachen.

Whilst “Christmas Time-Lapse” video captures Heidelburg in Germany, which through rapid capture shows the lights, life, and bustle of a traditional Christmas market.


Traditional Christmas markets have grown in popularity across the UK, with most major cities now hosting such events. The picturesque city of Bath is showcased in this time-lapse by Rich Imagery Films as the market bustling from dusk through to nighttime is captured.

The overhead time-lapse of Manchester Christmas Market by Visit Manchester is less detailed and sophisticated but by capturing the flickering lights of the event, it still looks appealing and jovial from afar.


To reflect how the traditional Christmas Market has gone truly international, it is worth looking at the video of the crowded tiny Christmas Market in Hong Kong. “Shooting Hong Kong Winter Christmas Market Timelapse” from 2018 by Steve Choi is slightly quirky with its dubious soundtrack, but it is intriguing to see how the festive market translates across the globe.


The most effective Christmas Market time-lapse videos enhance the festive mood with a soundtrack of Christmas-themed music. These videos can literally transport the viewer into the Christmas Market streets. They are also useful marketing tools to entice viewers to personally visit such joyous inviting events.   

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