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Looking down the River Thames towards the City of London

News Capturing popular cityscapes across six continents

27 March 2017 Kate

In this short video feature, we highlight time-lapse videos from across the Internet which capture some of the world’s largest, most impressive cityscapes, from six different continents.

Australia – Adelaide, Australia

“Time” by Alex Boehm

Shot over a period of sixth months in the capital city state of the South of Australia. This rather romantic time-lapse edit captures movements of the city on both land and sea.

As a coastal city, the video features many scenes looking out towards the Indian Ocean as the sun rises and falls. The movements of the clouds also create some dramatic compositions over the cityscapes of Adelaide.

Watch out for the raging bushfires which the cameraman managed to capture from a safe distance.

Asia – Tokyo, Japan

Hello Tokyo” by Christoph Gelep

Comprised of images captured over a period of five days, this time-lapse video offers a stylish depiction of city life in one of the world’s largest metropolises.

Rapid capture techniques help to convey the energetic vibe of the city, while the post-production slow-motion editing focuses on more individualistic details.

The video also includes some impressive transitioning between shots, enabling a kind of ‘roaming’ effect around the city.

South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Buenos Aires” by Nicolas Gril

A very simple time-lapse but one that creates a stunning silhouetted composition as the sun is setting over this capital city.

Buenos Aires can be translated as ‘fair winds’ or ‘good airs’ and it easy to see why this name would suit. Even when the sun disappears, the movement of the clouds are still visible, conveying a stillness and tranquillity.

Africa – Cairo, Egypt

CairoLapse” by Hisham Moll

The lively city captured in this featured video is Cairo, Egypt.

4,000 shots were used in this visually impressive sequence, while over 11,000 were captured by the photographer all-in-all.

The video begins with a typical view of the pyramids, desertscapes and, of course, camels, before exploring life in the city in more detail.

The city explodes with colour and activity at night, creating some striking aerial images featuring lights from the buildings and passing cars.

North America – Mexico City, Mexico

“Mexico City Timelapse & Hyperlapse” by Arne Wossink

Another example of life in a vibrant city.

This sequence is comprised of 40 different clips, containing 7,000 shots. In just over four days, Arne managed to capture the highlights of this dynamic city, both at night and day.

Europe – Budapest

“LOST IN BUDAPEST (iphone 6)” by Allessandro Meraviglia

As the name highlights, this footage is shot entirely using an iPhone 6.

Travelling over 80km in four days, Allessandro captures some striking shots of the city’s monuments and impressively detailed buildings, which are lit up by the sun, creating lovely contrasts against the blue skies.


Six different continents, explored through six very different time-lapses.

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