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Pre-construction works on-site at MEPC's 10 Wellington Place office development in Leeds city centre.

News Time-lapse for office developments

29 March 2017 Kate

Time-lapse offers many opportunities for projects that involve office developments.

Versatile in its application, whether documenting an internal fit-out, external construction, or looking to capture multiple phases of a development, time-lapse can be utilised in different ways appropriate to the specifics of the work involved.

Office developments, regardless of size and scale, are an important marker of growth and prosperity within the city, so documenting new builds are a valuable way for construction companies and councils to showcase certain expansions.

Such expansions often garner high levels of public investment, both from a financial standpoint and out of general interest. One benefit of time-lapse and site monitoring in this instance is that such solutions can serve useful intermediary functions between contractors, clients, and the wider public.

Online viewing portals can be made available via council/ contractor websites so that the public are kept abreast of important developments and imminent changes to a city’s landscape.

Project file #1 – 10 Wellington Place office build

Location: Wellington Place, Leeds

Our client: MEPC
Capture duration: 12 months

Taking shape in the heart of Leeds, 10 Wellington Place makes up 3,900 sq ft of Grade A office/ retail space as part of a major new urban quarter.

This was the first major office development in the city centre for five years and marked an important venture for the city and the development of its corporate workspace.

Members of the public were able to view live images from the project during its construction phases via our online portal.

A link to the completed post-produced time-lapse edit is still available on MEPC’s website which stands as testament to the continuing wider developments by the contractor in the city, but also to the timeless nature of time-lapse itself.

As well as external builds, the internal fit-outs are an incredibly detailed part of office developments, often taking shape in a matter of days – even hours in some cases.

Rapid capture time-lapse is ideal to track periods of increased activity. An increased rate of capture means that images are produced more frequently, thus providing a more detailed documentation of events over shorter time periods.

Video elements used in combination with time-lapse also produces creative variations in terms of camera angles, proximity to the subject, and versatility of movement. This enables foregrounding of important phases in the project and enhances the ways in which the story can be told.

Project file #2 – Southampton Freight headquarters interior fit-out

Location: Southampton Freight Services HQ, Hampshire

Our client: Southampton Freight Services
Capture duration: 9 weeks
Images captured: 10,000 images from one camera system + additional hours of video footage

A combination of rapid-interval time-lapse and video was used to capture major internal office and warehouse refurbishments at the headquarters of Southampton Freight Services.

Secure mobile networks allowed remote monitoring of the camera system while in-situ, ensuring consistent high quality capture in an ever-changing environment. Four different cameras and mounting systems were also used to document the final days of the fit-out process.

Since the completion of this project, Southampton Freight have shared the time-lapse video on their website and various social media outlets. The company also commissioned our time-lapse solutions for a second project, documenting their HQ in its full working capacity, thus creating a time-lapse archive of their growth and expansion.

Time-lapse is highly beneficial from a marketing perspective and can serve both contractor and client in terms of affirming their business capabilities and documenting important developments.

As well as tailoring camera system settings to operate according to the specific requirements of any surrounding environment, whether external or internal, the post-production process offered by professional time-lapse providers can also be adapted to work alongside existing brand and marketing material.

Individual stamps such brand logos, project names, dates, and other important information can be incorporated with time-lapse and video to offer clarity and consistency in terms of business and brand.

Project file #3 – 190 Strand demolition

Location: Temple area of Strand, London

Our client: Berkeley Group (St Edward)
Capture duration: 10 months

Not only useful for the construction and internal developments of office builds, time-lapse is also the ideal tool for demolition projects.

Especially when working in busy and congested urban areas like cities, demolition needs to be carefully managed and contained. Demolitions via bulldozers and wrecking balls are not always suitable, then, resulting in processes taking place over longer periods of time.

This dual-camera system setup at 190 Strand in central London shows the demolition of a vacant 1960s office block, taking place in a busy part of the capital.

With main roads surrounding the perimeter of the site, our camera systems had to be installed using innovative methods. Not only this, the positioning of the two cameras offered ideal perspectives appropriate for each phase of the demolition as the landscape changed.

Time-lapse has proven extensive in its value across a multitude of sectors, including education, pre-construction works, infrastructural developments such as road & rail, and military-based jobs.

Please contact us for more information regarding our time-lapse and site monitoring solutions and how these can benefit you.

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