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News Why You Should Implement Site Monitoring Technology on Your Construction Site Today

25 February 2014 Daniel Curtis
Photo of the iRis 2.5 viewer being used on a mobile phone

What if you could monitor the activity on your construction site from anywhere in the world? Site monitoring technology lets you do just that, so you can see progress and changes from your office chair.

No matter how big or small a construction project is, a lot of processes go into completing it the right way. As a professional in this field, you know how important it is to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plans, and site monitoring can help you do this.

See Your Project from Anywhere in the World

If your business manages projects across the country, or even around the world, it can be difficult to keep tabs on everything that is going on. You may rely on reports from on-site managers and photographs to see how the project is progressing. While these tools can work, they don’t give you an in-depth and detailed look at what is happening on the ground.

With site monitoring cameras and systems, you can check on a site at any time and from any location. You can pull up images and live video feed from the construction of a building, road project, parking structure or any other kind of site.

A good site monitoring system will provide high-definition video that lets you see your site’s progress in great detail. You will also be able to access the video from any computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Time-Lapse Systems use the Interactive Remote Imaging System (IRIS), which allows our clients to view and monitor the progress of their sites on any device from anywhere in the world!  Find out more about IRIS and our site monitoring services here.

Make it Easy to Track Progress

While a time-lapse video or site monitoring video won’t be able to replace in-depth reports about the progress of your site, it will make it easier to track changes and progress and could even help you save time.

Without these videos, your team would have to spend time compiling reports so that your headquarters can stay updated on what is happening on the ground. However, with a video feed, your team won’t have to spend valuable time reporting on general updates, as you will be able to see them for yourself.

Site monitoring videos make it easy for you to track progress from your office, so your employees can spend their valuable time moving ahead with the project. This is a much more efficient method that will save you time and money.

Visual Representations of Every Step

Both time-lapse videos and site monitoring videos provide a visual representation of every step of a project. It would be impossible to capture images of every step as you construct a building, and even attempting such a feat would take up valuable time and slow you down.

This problem is solved with site monitoring, which will automatically record every step of your project so you can have a visual representation of the whole thing. These steps can be reviewed, and seen in real time, through a live feed. But, they can also be condensed into a short, time-lapse video that will illustrate the entire project, from beginning to end.

As an example, here’s a time-lapse video we created for the construction of MEPC’s new building in Leeds:


MEPC – Leeds from Hideaway Media on Vimeo.

Keep an Exact Record

It’s important for your business to keep precise records of all the projects you complete. A time-lapse video or site monitoring video can enhance written reports and photographs, completing your records and giving you an easy way to record everything that happened at your site.

These records can be used for internal purposes and record-keeping, but can also be used to show potential clients what you can accomplish. In just a few minutes, you can impress upon someone the scope of a project, which is a powerful way to sell your services.

Video records also make it very easy to see how an area has changed due to a specific project. Sometimes very large changes that are made over a long period of time are hard to visualise and even see without video records. Site monitoring and time-lapse videos make it easy to see exactly what kind of impact a project had on an area.

Refer Back to Various Stages of Work

Another valuable benefit site monitoring can bring to your business is the ability to refer back to various stages of a project. With this tool you can easily go back in time and see exactly what your project looked like and what stage various processes were in at different points in time.

Why is this valuable? Because it gives you the unique ability to see how effective your processes are and to find ways your projects can be streamlined. You can refer back to the way a process was completed, analyse it and decide if there are ways you can make things happen more quickly or effectively.

Site monitoring is a valuable tool that should be used at every construction site. It should be considered an essential element of any project, as it allows you to view your project from anywhere in the world. Whether the site is far from your office or you want to check in on a project from your desk, site monitoring is the answer.

This technology also makes it easy for you to keep a very detailed record of your project, which allows you to keep a history of your business and every project you complete. With this history you can also look back in time to see how a project was completed.

But, site monitoring can also help you save time and money. It would be near impossible for your employees to capture every detail of a project with written reports and photographs, but high-definition videos make it easy to capture every step of a project.

With site monitoring videos, you can also see how effective your teams and processes are. The videos highlight change and let you see things as they happen, so you can be a more effective and successful business.

Start seeing all these benefits at your business by arranging for site monitoring technology at your construction projects. This tool is invaluable in the construction industry and investing in it will benefit your employees, business and even clients.

Here at Time Lapse Systems we can help you!  Get in touch today by calling us on 0333 016 5253 or visit our website to find out more about us!

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