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News 6 Reasons You Should Use Time-Lapse Video at Your Construction Site

3 March 2014 Daniel Curtis

Construction projects, whether they are major building projects or smaller updates and renovations, involve a lot of work, detail and planning, and one of the best ways to capture everything that goes into a project like this is with a time-lapse video.

If you’ve never used a time-lapse video, get ready to witness some amazing technology. These videos are produced with high-quality cameras, and sometimes edited, to show a work in progress in just a few minutes. Many times they are combined with a voiceover script or music, and the timing of the images and sounds combined produces an effect that is nothing short of amazing.

Time-lapse videos can bring something unique to your construction project. When done correctly, they allow you to keep detailed records, promote your business and review your projects in just minutes.

1. Capture the Essence of a Project in a Short Piece

One of the biggest benefits of time-lapse videos is that they allow you to capture the essence of a project in just a few minutes. The construction of a building, bridge, road or another project could take several weeks or even months, but with a time-lapse video, you can watch the process in just a few minutes.

Like in this case!


Lincolnshire Energy from Waste Facility from Hideaway Media on Vimeo.

When you can see a project from beginning to end in a few minutes, you can quickly understand what the project involved and what it accomplished. This is helpful internally, as you can review your projects quickly, but it also helps you show others your work. You don’t always have enough time to go into detail about your latest project, and a time-lapse video can help you say a lot in a short amount of time.

2. Monitor Site Work as it Happens

To create a time-lapse video, a technician will set up a high-resolution camera, where it will stay for the duration of the project. The camera will continually capture video footage of your site, recording every step of the project.

This means that you can monitor site work as it happens. With a constant video feed, you can monitor the progress at your site from anywhere in the world. This is an amazing ability to have, as it lets you manage projects across the country from your office. You can quickly check-in to see how things are unfolding and constantly monitor progress so that you can stay on track and meet deadlines.

3. Illustrate How a Project Changes its Surroundings

As a construction expert, you know it’s important that you study and monitor how your project changes its surroundings. While a lot of scientific research goes into this part of a project, a time-lapse video can help you illustrate these changes very easily.

If you changed the landscape, added plant life or altered the way an area functions, those changes can be seen very easily in a time-lapse video. For those not involved in your project, these changes seem subtle and they could be hard to recognise. However, in a time-lapse video changes are very apparent, so it’s easy to see what kind of impact your project has had on the surrounding area.

4. Provide Quick Updates for Clients

Your clients want to know what is going on and how their projects are developing. Detailed reports are helpful, but a time-lapse video allows you to provide a quick update that demonstrates just how much has been completed on the site. Time-lapse videos can illustrate a vast amount of progress easily because they show change in a very condensed amount of time.

These videos are ideal for situations when you want to illustrate change and development in a short amount of time or in a visual way that allows people, even those who aren’t familiar with the construction industry, to get a firm understanding of what is happening at the site.

5. Showcase the Scope and Depth of a Project

When a project is recorded in a time-lapse video, you can easily showcase its scope and depth. Major changes, like the addition of a bridge, the demolition of a house, or the construction of a massive building, are even more impressive when seen in a condensed video. The planning, efforts and detailed processes that went into a project are magnified in a time-lapse video.

The phrase “seeing is believing” is especially true when it comes to the construction industry. You can describe a project and site to employees, community members, clients and prospective customers, but to truly illustrate what is involved you need to show the processes. There is no better way to do this than with a time-lapse video.

6. Promote Your Business

Time-lapse videos are also an excellent addition to your marketing and promotional plans. They are short, creative and interesting, so they can get your market’s attention and show people what you do in just a few minutes.

These videos can be distributed through email marketing campaigns or social media or can be posted on your website or blog. They allow you to show your market what you can do and highlight your expertise in ways few other tactics can.

But, time-lapse videos can also be used in very specific situations. You can use them at a booth at a trade show to draw people in and illustrate your services very quickly, which is important when people are just passing through.

Time-lapse videos are also perfect for presentations, client pitches and other gatherings where you need to show people what your business does or provide updates for specific sites.

When you invest in time-lapse videos, you are investing in your business. A single video can be used for multiple purposes and can act as a portfolio piece to show people what you are capable of. If you aren’t using time-lapse videos at your construction site, you are missing out. These videos have dozens of uses that range from monitoring your site and providing client updates to showcasing your services and promoting your business.

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