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Image of three orange decorated eggs sitting atop a small nest.

News The best of Eastertide with time-lapse

15 April 2017 Kate

There comes with each season several defining characteristics – including weather, religious festivals, natural cycles, and holidays. With this in mind, and with Easter upon us, we have put together a selection of themed time-lapse videos which capture some, if not all of these elements.

In terms of its symbolism, Easter is linked to the Jewish commemoration of Passover, which celebrates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery by the Egyptians, as represented in The Bible.

Observing Passover can involve religious customs that vary across the Christian and Jewish world. Traditionally celebrations include sunrise services, feasting, and decorating Easter eggs. Of course, these activities are also observed in a non-religious capacity by many across the globe.

Passover Desert Time Lapse by Eitan Souroujon

Regardless of religious beliefs, Easter like any other holiday, is a time for the coming together of family – even in the more desolate parts of the world. This short time-lapse documents how one group of family and friends spent Passover in the calm of the desert sands.


It is customary to decorate Christian churches with the Easter Lily during Eastertide as it is a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. In line with Christian beliefs, lilies were thought to be found growing in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus went to pray the night before he was crucified at the hands of the Romans.

Easter Sunday | Flower Time Lapse Bumper by Ryan B Church

The visual motif of the resurrection has been cleverly appropriated in this video to use as part of the introduction to a church service. Reversing the time-lapse footage of the lily wilting over the course of 22 hours, such a process is here reversed to show the flower coming back to life, and so symbolising the resurrection of Christ.


The art and craft of egg decorating is an Easter custom that is observed by many cultures, but is not an activity that is only resigned to Easter celebrations, particularly in Eastern European countries.

As evident in this egg decorating video, time-lapse offers an ideal medium for capturing the incredible detail of these kinds of creative processes. Each stage requires great care and attention and once painted and embellished, the eggs make a beautiful seasonal decoration.


As well as decorating eggs, spring is also a time when eggs begin to hatch.

The Hatching – a TimeLapse Movie by Friends Select School

There are many initiatives that deliver eggs to schools so that children can witness up close the incredible birthing process of baby chickens. As a time of rebirth and renewal, you can’t get more seasonal than a time-lapse capturing this wonderful process in action.


Finally, what is Easter without an egg hunt?

EggLAPSE by Slapfoot

Like the lily, the egg has religious connotations as it is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus. The egg is likened to the tomb from which Jesus arose after his death.

It has become traditional that children and adults partake in Easter egg hunts, both outdoors and indoors. Whether real eggs that have been decorated, or chocolate eggs wrapped in foil, these are hidden so that people can have fun finding them – like the group in the above video.

Although not present in these videos, the Easter Bunny is also a familiar part of Easter traditions and originates from folkloric tales that depict a rabbit figure who delivers eggs to well-behaved children in time for Easter Sunday.

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