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Image of the subterranean rail tunnels in central London.

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19 April 2017 Kate

We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully navigate the demands of each working environment safely and professionally. In this blog, we take a look at several of our time-lapse projects to illustrate the reliability and consistency of our service regardless of when and where.

The versatility of the time-lapse medium means that it may be applied in a variety of different ways dependent on the specifics of the project. As a result, the nature of our work is incredibly varied and has taken us to some exciting locations – both above and below ground.

Challenging installs

A large portion of our construction work takes place in busy cities, which can sometimes present challenges in terms of a lack of space and manoeuvrability on site for all involved.

With years of skill and experience in these kinds of conditions, however, we are well equipped to provide innovative installations that allow our camera systems to perform efficiently anywhere, and at any time.

We have carried out installations at the top of an old communication tower in Cambridgeshire (requiring a trip on a 35ft cherry picker), for example, in the bell tower of a church in London, and high above ground in the treetops of ancient woodland in West Yorkshire.

When the working environment presents restrictions in terms of sufficient space and built-in access to a desired fixing position for our camera system(s), we often need to think outside of the box.

Thinking outside the box

Time-lapsing rail developments by Crossrail at Moorgate Station in London required an inventive approach in order to acquire such a view of the excavation and installation works within an extensive underground shaft.

In this instance, a secure fixing position on the exposed wall of a neighbouring building on site, could only be accessed by our engineers via a cage suspended above the shaft by a large crane.

Looking down on a construction site at LSQLONDON.

Above: a tricky camera position overlooking the internal construction at LSQLONDON.

Working at height like this, full harness training is required and our team must follow the best health and safety practices determined by many leading national bodies, including CSCS, CHAS, SMAS, and others.

Our accreditations are there to ensure that everyone is kept safe but also that the work carried out does not compromise elements of the working environment that may be considered sensitive and/ or treasured for their significance.

Such was the case when we have provided time-lapse capture for projects with immense historic importance.

Steeped in history

Back in 2015 our work took us to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where we time-lapsed sensitive preservation works of the 500-year-old Mary Rose warship, which was raised from the bed of the Solent sea in 1982 and now sits in a museum dedicated to maintaining her legacy.

A collaborative project with museum media specialists Motivation 81, we are among a very few number of people who have been granted privileged access to Henry VIII’s flagship.

Our work required a specialist rig upon which to carefully mount our camera system to this iconic site, which needed to be kept secure and in place for the duration of this long-term capture without causing any damage to the vessel.

We micro-managed the project remotely, providing live images via our secure online viewing portal, allowing us to adapt to the rate of capture according to the specifics and rate of activity.

Getting up close and personal in the most delicate of environments, we were honoured to have been a part of such a prestigious project.

Close-up of a gun port as part of the Mary Rose ship.

Above: a privileged, up-close look at one of the Mary Rose’s gun ports.

Not only above ground, we have also been involved in tracking progress on other historical sites beneath the streets of London for The Postal Museum, due to open its doors to the public in July 2017.

Spending two days in the subterranean network of railways below Mount Pleasant, we produced video work showing major developments to the Mail Rail – which will function as an immersive ride for museum visitors showing how post was once transported within these underground tunnels.

As proven here, and from other examples of our unique time-lapse and site monitoring work, there are no limits to our consistent and professional service.

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