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News ‘Eyes on the prize’… all the time

23 March 2015 Daniel Curtis

Imagine being able to keep an eye on your project no matter where you are or what time it is. Sounds too good to be true, no?

Fortunately it’s not! Using a professional time-lapse company and a bespoke online viewer could not be easier – and could help you to get results.

The concept is simple – a customised camera system is installed on your construction site in a location that gets you the best possible angle of the work. It then captures images at set intervals (which can be adjusted to match the speed of work taking place), but can also be remotely adjusted – by an expert company – to counter changing weather and lighting conditions.

The images that are captured are sent back to base through a completely secure 3G network and are uploaded to protected servers. A custom online viewer is then populated with the images, which allows access from anywhere in the world.

The possibilities of this technology are endless and more and more companies from the broadest range of industries are seeing the benefits. But one of the industries to really embrace this market-leading, all-in-one service is construction.

A significant benefit of this system is the ability to constantly monitor and track progress of a site, even when you are not there in person. Whether that is due to time lost from travelling or working elsewhere, there is always a new image waiting in real-time.

Changes to schedules and plans are more common than ever before, which can mean certain areas of work – the ones which you need to keep tabs on – can fall out of view.

But with a time-lapse camera system installed at your site, should you be called away from the job, you know you have a way of keeping track of progress. It also means when you finish up for the day you can see what has happened in the period of time it’s taken you to get home.

And all of this can help you to manage your budget.

It’s like having eyes on the project 24/7. You (and whoever you allow access, if anyone) will always be able to track the movement of any number of things – plant, materials, staff and deliveries etc.

Comprehensive access like that is second-to-none and can help to keep things on track. It is also brilliant for keeping stakeholders informed with the development.

Discover how beneficial remote site monitoring can be.

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