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The completed Sir Elton John Stand at Watford Football Club's Vicarage Road

News New East Stand at Vicarage Road captured by our cameras

24 March 2015 Kate

ON Boxing Day 2014, the brand new Sir Elton John Stand at Watford Football Club fully opened for the first time.

GL events, who were appointed by the Hornets to construct the East Stand, commissioned one of our time-lapse camera systems to capture the work over a 36-week period.

The special viewer we set up caused a storm on social media. GL events also shared the URL on their website, helping supporters and stakeholders to keep up-to-date with the build’s progress.


Above: The three stages of the project. The steel framework going in on the left; the centre of the stand nearing completion and demolition of the old stand to the right.

The finished video is now live on our Vimeo channel and can be watched through the GL events website. It runs for over a minute and documents both the demolition and construction phases of the £3.5 million East Stand. And, if you watch carefully around the 50-second mark, you will see the pitch being re-laid over summer 2014.

The new stand can hold 3,400 fans and replaces the old Main Stand, which had been closed since 2008 due to safety concerns. It was announced in May 2014 that the new structure would be called the Watford FC Community Stand, but was later changed to the Sir Elton John Stand.

We are pleased to have been involved in such an important development project for the football club and GL events. We are also very proud of the finished edit we produced, which incorporates thousands of high quality photos and a number of specialist editing techniques we have developed.

Our team has also been involved in a number of sport-related projects, including:

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