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Sunrise over a lake

News Focusing on the autumn changes

12 October 2016 Daniel Curtis

Following on from our blog featuring tips on how to capture the best in autumn photography, we have picked out a selection of time-lapse videos proving why autumn is a great opportunity to get hands-on with a camera.

As it is known in North America, the name ‘fall’ refers to one of the season’s defining qualities.

As the vibrancy of summer makes way and the deep greens, bright blues, and searing temperatures (perhaps not so much in Britain) are lost to the shedding of leaves from the trees and shift in climate, the autumn pallet brings its own energy. It is the perfect subject matter for the eye of the camera.


First up, Jamie Scott’s seasonal time-lapse is particularly impressive as it highlights this transition in motion. Choosing 15 locations in New York’s Central Park, he revisited each of them twice a week for six months. Shooting with a combination of different perspectives – using wide angles of fluffy cloud-filled skies and close-ups of the sun’s rays travelling across grass and peeping through trees – the consistency in lens settings and camera positioning between each sitting offers an impressive continuity to the narrative.

Fall from Jamie Scott on Vimeo.

All shots were taken during the ‘golden hour’ just after sunrise so as to capture that perfect orange-yellow glow, further enhancing the colours of the season. The careful balance of urban and rural elements of the ‘Big Apple’ skyline are also breath-taking in this warm glow.


For our second featured video, we go from the most comprehensive of autumn narratives to the purely cinematic. Harun Mehmedinović’s uses a range of hardware and post-production software to create this awe-inspiring video.

Using DSLR cameras, capture was aided by the use of Michron – a small external device programmed by a smart-phone that enables a DSLR to create time-lapse images. Some of the software used helped to exaggerate the star trails formed through the rotation of the Earth’s axis, for example.

MELANCHOLY GORGE from Harun Mehmedinovic on Vimeo.

Another idyllic location for a seasonal time-lapse, the New River Gorge is a national river in Southern West Virginia, home to some of the best white-water rafting in the United States. It is also renowned for being a hotspot for climbing and boasts over 1,400 established ascents. One of the oldest rivers in the world, it flows through a valley of the same name and provides an exceptional location for recording the awe-inspiring transitions between the seasons.

Water features heavily throughout the sequence, transforming the composition of certain scenes with its reflective qualities, the acceleration of footage bringing the valley to life.


Our final featured video takes us on a 38-mile father-and-son bike ride from Glendale to Downtown LA and onto Pasadena. Far from providing a traditional ‘fall’ narrative like the previous two videos but, like the three descriptors in its title, the visual narrative still holds that seasonal feel.

Cool, Crisp, Clear Autumn Night from Rob Rovira on Vimeo.

The video offers a snapshot of autumn in the heart of the city, with red and orange skies making way for darker blue tones as night approaches.

The passing lights from the street and moving vehicles are intensified by the time-lapse and the fixed position on the handlebars of the bike provides a permanent anchoring point. Point-of-view in its truest form.


Each of these featured videos offer a totally unique perspective on one of the most dramatic transitional periods of the seasonal calendar. Whether you are a budding amateur or a professional photographer, autumn offers an abundance of potentially ‘golden’ opportunities for you to point your camera at.

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