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News Friday Feature – Horse Guards Parade

3 February 2017 Daniel Curtis

Our Friday Feature series takes a closer look at some of the videos that you can view on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Horse Guards Parade – special event time-lapse

We revisit a very special project in London for this week’s Friday Feature.

The Horse Guards Parade, a large parade ground overlooking St. James’s Park and Whitehall, is best known as the host for prestigious annual ceremonies like Trooping the Colour and Beating Retreat.

But two of our camera systems captured a special private event at the grounds as well as the construction of temporary buildings to house the occasion.

This was the first time that anyone had secured special permissions to stage and photograph an event of this kind on such historic grounds.

The Horse Guards Parade is surrounded by notable London landmarks, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and 10 Downing Street. Given its proximity to these high security areas, secure access had to be granted to us from Downing Street and senior members of the Armed Forces.

Working closely with our colleagues from Lemon Drop Events, our two cameras were installed at privileged vantage points to capture all phases of this special occasion.

While camera one was set up on the balcony of the Horse Guards Building, overlooking the Parade and Whitehall, to capture the exterior construction, camera two was installed within the temporary structures to capture interior developments on the ground.

Both cameras then went on to document the event itself, followed by the deconstruction of the temporary housing and its lavish interiors, restoring Horse Guards Parade to its original state.

It was an honour working in a location with so much heritage and high regard attached to it.

And this is just one of over 200 varied projects that we have worked on in this special city. Take a look at our dedicated London page.

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