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News Videos that went wrong – part two: humans

6 February 2017 Daniel Curtis

This is the second half of our “videos that went wrong” series. View part one here.

In today’s world of cheaper and simpler technology, home videos no longer must be grainy, with jumps and shaky camera work.

Despite all the help that is out there, however, sometimes things do go wrong.

We look at some further videos from across the Internet, bringing you the weirdest mishaps caught on camera. In the previous blog we looked at animals, but now it’s the turn of human-focused ‘mistakes’.


“GoPro: Formula Off Road Hill Climb”

Views on YouTube: 700,000

If there is any lesson to take from this video, it’s that its not only the camera mount that can cause problems if not secured properly.

This formula offroading driver found this out the hard way when his steering wheel came off its mount during a downhill descent in Iceland!

Luckily the driver was unharmed after his spectacular downhill fall and even went back for another go afterwards.


“GoPro fail while scubadiving!”

Views on YouTube: 9,500

Not very welcoming of human attention, this monkfish (perhaps rightfully) decided to turn a scuba diver’s GoPro into lunch!

Short but sweet.


“4K GoPro DJI Drone Crashes in RTH Fail”

Views on YouTube: 130,000

Next up, what’s better than witnessing a camera being destroyed? Watching a camera being destroyed in 4K definition, of course!

In the process of shooting a glorious sun rise in Arizona, the pilot initiated the ‘RTH’ (Return To Home) function on the DJI drone but a several-hundred-foot-tall rock made this particularly difficult to carry out.

Usually, built-in RTH is a function that is useful when a drone goes out of range of the controller or is running low on battery. Instead of dropping from the sky, the drone automatically uses GPS data to return to its launch point.

Unfortunately, technology is not yet adept enough to account for incredibly tall rock formations!


“An Irishman In Vegas”

Views on YouTube: 9,300,000

Last, but certainly not least, is this endearing video of a father’s hilarious misuse of his son’s GoPro while vacationing in Las Vegas.

Older generations are sometimes known for their turbulent relationships with technology and Evan Griffin’s Dad is no exception.

Borrowing his camera to capture some of the sights during his vacation without any instructions on how to use it beforehand, Evan’s Dad managed to point the camera the wrong way for the entire trip!

The fact that he is blissfully unaware of his mistake is what makes this video so special.


When you come to a professional company, you know that you will get excellent service from a team of experienced staff. However, these marvellous mishaps from across the Internet show that doing things yourself, although it can be beneficial, can also have hilarious consequences.

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