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News How to keep your client in the loop

11 July 2014 Daniel Curtis

If you work in the construction industry you’ll know it can be a real challenge to keep your client in the loop. These clients are spending a lot of money and have their own pressures, so it is essential that they know what is going on. Understandably, with busy schedules and geographical restrictions these clients can’t be onsite at all times, so one of the best ways to keep them in the loop is to utilise site monitoring.

Site monitoring involves a system of cameras being installed across the site. These cameras are otherwise known as an Interactive Remote Imaging System (or IRIS). They are able to work regardless of the terrain and are designed to keep working through extreme weather conditions. The cameras can adapt to any situation and any job site, which makes them suitable for use no matter what the construction job entails. Indeed, they are completely flexible and incredibly versatile. Once these cameras have been installed on-site, they then continuously take photos of the work, capturing it from every angle possible from start to finish. By the end of the project, they will have managed to record the entire process. These images are then transferred to a folder with the full date and time-stamped, so every possible detail of the process is captured, with the details of each stage recorded for accuracy as well.

One of the main benefits of site monitoring is that the client has complete access to these images as and when they are taken. If a major development has been made they can immediately bring up the images and see exactly what has been done from a range of recorded angles. All of this is possible without them ever having to step foot on the construction site.

These photos can then be found and sorted according to date and time, so the client can easily access images from a week, month or even a year ago. This will certainly make communication between you and them much easier. They will be able to ask questions or raise concerns based on what they are seeing and equally, you will be able to discuss plans and allay concerns much more clearly.

The images can also then be emailed to whomever they may wish, which not only will help them show off their future site to colleagues and investors but on a more practical level, will also advance communication between the two of you. They will be able to precisely pinpoint any specific points of the work that they may wish to discuss with you, whether it’s to use as an example or ask a question.

In addition, these cameras are capable of recording in ultra-high definition. This feature is useful to pick up the smallest detail of your work, which can then be highlighted and studied in detail. This gives your clients even more insight into the job.

As the selection of images is available at all times, as and when they are required, you and your client will be able to discuss the work if any issues arise. To further this, the client obviously needs to be able to have access at any given moment, no matter where in the world they find themselves in or whether they’re facing travel or otherwise. To this end, full access has been granted in the form of cross-platform availability. This means that the client’s account can be logged into from anywhere in the world and on any device, be it a tablet, computer or just their mobile phone. All they need to do is log in and their images will be immediately available to them, so you can rest assured knowing that should some issue, concern or question come up at any point they will immediately be able to view these images straight away. Once again, it subverts the need for them to be on-site at any time.

Site monitoring gives your clients peace of mind, knowing they can assess the progress of their build whenever they like. It also gives you an improved means of communication with the client and allows you to easily refer to specific aspects of the build when speaking with them. Indeed, when discussing potential contracts, being able to tell them you have site monitoring can really help your chances. It shows that you are transparent with nothing to hide and that you will be able to have a constant stream of communication with them. Most likely, with the site monitoring in place, you will hear less from your client because they don’t need to check up constantly when it’s available on their screen. This will free up your time, and take off the pressures of answering to in-the-dark clients.

Therefore, if you’re facing a job with clients that want to be kept in the loop, without having to be physically present on-site, site monitoring is the answer. You can rest assured your client can be kept informed of the work being done, without you having to be conscious of doing so yourself. Which in the end will only benefit all involved.

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