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News Who Watches Time-Lapse Videos (And Why)?

4 July 2014 Daniel Curtis

Whether you’re a construction company working on a massive project or your business revolves around the natural world, it’s easy to see why you would want to capture your work on a time-lapse video. These videos serve as a learning tool that continually helps you to do your job better; that is a bonus no matter what industry you are in.

But just who watches these time-lapse videos? There are plenty of people who just cannot get enough of time-lapse videos. Here are just a few examples.

Engineers Need Time-Lapse Videos for Understanding

Snow at The Smiler construction site at Alton Towers

If you have ever seen a construction (or a deconstruction, for that matter) of a massive structure, you know just how impressive it can be. You also know that it is impossible for structural engineers to be on hand at every point. Watching time-lapse videos enables them to see points of the process without the necessity to be there at all times. It is also an incredible learning tool for those hoping to enter the world of large scale construction. These videos enable master contractors and students alike to see where the process is smooth – and where bottlenecks occur, which means they can continually improve on the methods used. When an entire community shares these videos, it is possible to learn from each other to make the world a safer, more effective place.

Fans Choose to Watch Time-Lapse Videos for Excitement

music concert time-lapse capture

Often, at big concerts (usually the kind in sports arenas), a time-lapse video is recorded during setup. This is often replayed on enormous screens throughout the venue as fans enter, or after the opening band has played. It may not seem as though this is anything significant, but it helps to build excitement as people realise just how momentous an event or performance truly is. Furthermore, the more work they see going into setup, the more likely they are to appreciate the entire experience. This type of time-lapse video is not only used at concerts either, it can also happen at sporting events. Or, as is the case in many Americans cities, the transformation of a basketball arena into an ice hockey one. These types of videos spark the imagination of fans across the world.

Investors Are Comforted by Time-Lapse Videos

People love to see where their money is going. Consider what it is like to hand over millions towards the development of a company, a building or a project. Now, imagine that you can see where, and therefore how, your money is being spent. That is exactly what time-lapse videos offer investors: a look at their money in action. The larger the scope of a project, the more important it is that investors are able to see what is happening every step of the way. As a benefit, what soothes investors also works to boost the morale of their employees, which means that everyone benefits.

Scientists Require Time-Lapse Videos

Environmental protesters on the picket line in Washington.

Every day we learn a little bit more about the world we live in, and the more we learn, the better we treat it. Time-lapse video is one of the tools used by this community to further their research. From understanding the migration of arctic animals, to the effects of active volcanoes and from laboratory experiments to social science understanding, time-lapse videos enrich our understanding of the world. The more they understand, the better equipped legislators are to protect the environment and all the people that live in it. Often, scientists would be at a loss to understand effects and outcomes without these videos, as watching the entire process unfold is too costly. It’s also virtually impossible in terms of a single person’s time.

Media Junkies Cannot Get Enough Time-Lapse Videos

From YouTube to big screen films, the general public loves watching time-lapse videos just for the fun of it. People enjoy watching the clouds speed past or a five minute sunset. These are captivating in their own right, and more so when they are worked into epic story lines. Time-lapse videos also enable people to understand the amount of energy that goes into a project, or the length of time between action scenes. It is exciting to watch, especially if it is something they can relate to, such as a sunrise over the ocean or the construction of a major amphitheatre in their town.

So, who will be watching your time-lapse video? Well it all depends on how you share it – and where. The truth is that it could be just about anyone, anywhere and for any reason. Furthermore, the more people you share it with, the more mileage you can potentially get from your investment. If you are not certain about your project, or where it could go, just take a few moments to browse through our portfolio – or ring our team. We’re always ready to help you transform the way we see the world.

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