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News How to Monitor Your New Home’s Construction Project

22 May 2014 Daniel Curtis

So, it’s happening for you – you’re building your new home. This is likely going to be an incredibly exciting time for you and the chances are, you’re going to want to be involved in the process, or at least have an idea of how things are progressing down the line. However, unless you’re a part of the construction team that is building your home, this isn’t always that practical. After all, you probably have other obligations in life— like a job and/or a family, for example, which means that being physically present throughout the process of your new home being constructed is just plain unrealistic. It’s also a possibility that you often have to travel, or even that you’re currently located elsewhere in the country or abroad. This may make it unfeasible for you to be physically present at the construction site and actually getting an idea of what is going with your new home can seem like somewhat of an impossibility. But whatever your circumstances, there is an alternative that allows you the same insight into the construction of your new home, without you having to be on the site. The best answer to these kinds of situations is to install site monitoring technologies. By doing so, you are able to get the exact kind of insight into how your home is being built as and when it happens. It’s almost as if you were there yourself, except probably a whole lot better and more convenient for everyone involved.

So, here’s why you could benefit from it whilst your home is being built.

Site monitoring involves an Interactive Remote Imaging System (otherwise known as IRIS) being installed on the construction site on which your home is being built. This system comprises a number of cameras which are set up across the site, that can then weather any terrain and, well, weather, so they fully and completely capture the progress of the work that’s being done across the site. There’s no time limit on this system, so it can be used to document anything from a month-long project to one that takes place over years. So whatever the construction job is, wherever it takes place and for what period of time, site monitoring is an option for you.

The result of having the IRIS in place is that photos are constantly taken, capturing every angle of the site throughout the time the work takes to be completed. These images are then collated to create a full archive, which you then have access to. This means that every step of the construction process is faithfully documented for you to see and scrutinise, at each and every step, as and when the images are added. This doesn’t mean you’re then left with a vast library of images to trawl through; instead, much more practically, you’re then able to specify an exact date and time and the images from then can then be pulled up. This guarantees you the kind of insight into the job you wouldn’t otherwise be able to have, even if you spent half your time on the site in person. More importantly, it also means you can still get this insight even if you’re not located anywhere near the actual physical construction site. Your access won’t in any way suffer.

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Not only do you have full access to this archive of images, but the images are also taken in an incredibly high-quality definition, which allows for any detail or aspect to be highlighted and focused on, no matter how small. Each aspect of your home can then be studied in the finest of detail as and when the work occurs.

And these images aren’t yours alone to see. If you so wish, they can then be emailed on, so you can share them with your friends, family or colleagues, or even with those involved in the project. Share them on a personal level and keep those close to you up to date on how things are going or, on a more professional and practical level, any questions or queries you have regarding the progression of the job can be zoomed in on, with specific images to hand to use to demonstrate your concerns. In terms of helping improve communication between you and the team working on your new home, it’s unparalleled.

But of course, the main advantage to using site monitoring when your new home is being built is that it ultimately means you can be as flexible as you like with your work, living and travel arrangements and existing obligations, without having to sacrifice that insight into the on-going work. You could be across the other side of the world from where your home is being built and still fully able to log in and see how the job is going, progressions made and on-going updates. That being said, you’re also likely, therefore, to want to maintain that flexibility with how you access your account to view your progress. Luckily, the IRIS allows for cross-platform access, which means that you will be able to log into your account from any of your devices. Phones, tablets, laptops and computers can all be used to access the software. So if you’re travelling, at work or home, your ability to log in and view the construction of your new home is never challenged. Not only does this mean you can see it from anywhere and at any time, but it also means you don’t have to plan what devices you carry with you at any one time. Whatever you have to hand is going to be able to access the software and let you get a look.

So for the ability to fully monitor the construction of your new home, site monitoring is a great way to be able to do just that. You will be given full visual access into the work as it occurs, no matter where in the world you are, without ever having to worry about your physical proximity to the site. It gives unparalleled contact without in any way compromising on your life and schedule. What’s more, it’s a great way to feel in touch with how your new home is being created.

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