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News Monitoring Your Construction Project from Start to Finish with Time Lapse Photography and Site Monitoring

20 May 2014 Daniel Curtis

When you’re investing in your own construction project, whether that’s to build a new home for yourself or perhaps a business property, it’s natural that you’re going to want a certain level of involvement in the project. But for a number of reasons, it’s not always entirely practical or possible for you to be as involved as you might ideally want. Work, travel and other commitments might keep you away from the project and mean you can’t be there in person as much as you might wish. Fortunately, there are options available to you that mean you can still get a certain level of insight into the work being done, without having to be there. Depending on the level of involvement you’re after, site monitoring or time lapse photography could be the tools you’re after to record the process of your construction project from start to finish, allowing you to choose exactly how much of the project you get involved in.

If you want to constantly oversee progress and development in your construction project, but are unable to physically do so or visit the site, site monitoring is probably the option for you. This allows you to oversee progress from anywhere in the world, simply by logging into your account. In order to employ this option, an Interactive Remote Image System will be installed on your construction site, using a series of cameras that are able to function in any environment and for any length of time required, thus giving you full coverage of the entire project. These cameras will then continuously take a number of images as the project progresses, capturing all the work that is done.

As the work continues over time, an archive of images captured of the project will collate, eventually creating a huge library of photos. What this means for you is constant access to these images throughout the project. You can log into your account at any time and from anywhere (no need to be remotely near the actual construction site to see what’s going on) and immediately look through the images documenting what has been going on at the site each day. Not only does it give you this view of on-going work, but it also means you have an entire visual history of the project at your hands too. By specifying a certain date, you can pull up the images from that time and see exactly what occurred at that given time. This means you get fairly unprecedented access into the work as a whole, regardless of where you are in the world. You can then also share these images with colleagues, friends or family to keep others abreast of the work that is being done and how your new property is coming together.

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You’re also guaranteed a certain level of quality with site monitoring, with high definition images that mean even the smallest details can be seen and studied. No aspect of the work will be off limits to you, as you will have the ability to focus on the most minute of details.

Site monitoring is ultimately useful for anyone that wants that insight into the project, to be kept updated easily on how their future property is developing, without having to negotiate life’s other commitments to be physically present on the construction site. This flexibility is only aided by the cross functionality of the access you have to your account. The technology can be accessed via any device, which means that no matter where you are or what technology you have access to, your ability to log in to your account won’t in anyway be inhibited: your phone, tablet, computer or laptop can all be used to log in. This will be particularly useful to anyone who has to travel a lot, as you will no longer have to consider which devise you take with you. It’s another aspect of the service that continues to aid your constant involvement, if only remotely, in your construction project.

Of course, though everyone wants to be kept updated with any progress that is made while their house is being built, site monitoring may not be the ideal option for you, especially if you’re located close to the construction site and are thus able to be there in person more often to see the on-going work. However, the ability to oversee the project as a whole and have a valuable memento after it is finished may well be something that would appeal to you. This is where using time lapse photography comes into use on the construction site. Much as with site monitoring, it involves cameras set up across the site to take constant photos of the entire site. Once again, these cameras are made to withstand any weather conditions and to fully document the entire project, no matter how long it takes. With time lapse video, these images taken are then played back at a higher frame rate that at that which they were taken, so the result is a video of the entire work filmed but played back at a much faster rate. In the case of construction projects, it means the process of building a property that might have taken place over years, can be reduced to minutes worth of footage, without any of the detail being lost. The entire job from start to finish is still documented, but at a fraction of the time it actually took. What you’re left with is a memento and visual document of your property being built. Instead of the daily minutiae of the work, it’s a powerful insight into the project as a whole, from start to finish.

Regardless of whether you want to be able to have constant updates of the work that is going into the construction of your property or you simply want a record of the project as a whole, documenting the work as it happened, time lapse photography and site monitoring can be of use to you. In terms of monitoring completely the work that was done, the two different options offer this completely, giving you access and insight into the making of your new property.

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