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Rapid capture time-lapse window shot of Vision Express's flagship Oxford Street store.

News How Your Business Can Use Time-Lapse Videos

3 March 2014 Daniel Curtis
CGI of the Hanley Central Business District development

Time-lapse videos, which show long-term projects or processes in just a few minutes, are fascinating and can actually be used for business purposes. While there’s no question that these are fun to watch, they are also valuable tools you can use for marketing, sales and other purposes.

Keep in mind that a single time-lapse video can be used for several different business purposes, and your options aren’t limited to the ideas here. You can use a time-lapse video to help you promote your brand and get creative with your business and marketing efforts.

Keep Detailed Records

What better way to keep a detailed record of an event or project than by producing a time-lapse video? One of these videos can capture an extensive project in a format that is easily viewable.

Records like photos, reports and statistics are valuable records, but they aren’t easily reviewed. A time-lapse video can be watched in just minutes, allowing you, your customers, your employees and your market to remember and review a long-term project quickly.

These videos can be stored on your computer or on disks as part of a company history or a record of client work. Going back to review past work is quick and easy with a time-lapse video, which can give you a glimpse of an entire project in just minutes.

Share on Social Media

Time-lapse videos have a way of attracting attention like few other pieces of content can. These videos are interesting, entertaining and awe-inspiring, and when they are shared on social media, they are often viewed and shared frequently.

Social media are very visual platforms, and an amazing time-lapse video can help you stand out and make your voice heard, so social media users won’t scroll past your content.

These videos are eye-catching and can help you get people talking about your business on social media. This can lead to more brand awareness, more website traffic and more sales. If you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites, using a time-lapse video to get your market’s attention and promote your business can be very effective.

Highlight Your Work at Events

Conferences, trade shows, sales events and other business events are the perfect place to use time-lapse videos.

Here’s the video we created for the spectacular Horse Guards Parade a few months ago:

Horse Guards Parade from Hideaway Media on Vimeo.

There are two ways you can incorporate them into your event: through a formal presentation or by setting up a display.

A time-lapse video takes presentations from ordinary to something different and visually interesting. You can tell people about your business and what you do, but being able to show them through a time-lapse video is so much more powerful.

Another easy way to use a time-lapse video at an event is to use it as part of a display. This works well for trade shows or events where guests will spend time mingling. Set up a large computer screen or television and let your time-lapse video play. This can be part of a longer video, a group of images or it can stand on its own, as a way to show attendees exactly what you have accomplished.

Showing these videos at events can help spark conversations, encourage people to ask questions and invite interaction. When you play a video at your trade show booth, people won’t be able to walk by without taking notice, which can lead to more leads and connections for you. Time-lapse videos at dinners or presentations can get people talking about you and your work, which is a good thing.

Attract Potential Clients through Your Website

High-quality time-lapse videos make it easy for you to attract potential clients through your website. A video shows your business, skills or processes in action, which is a powerful way to show clients what you can do for them.

When you include one of these videos on your website, you can give potential clients an idea of what you can do, which will encourage them to ask questions and could inspire them to work with you.

Time-lapse videos are also a great way to attract more traffic to your website. When you can refer people to your site to see high-tech videos of your work, you will get more site visitors, which can lead to more business for you.

Show off Your Work in Your Office

When clients and prospective clients come to your office, time-lapse videos give you a way to show off your work and instantly impress them. Showing a video in your office allows you to showcase what your business provides and instantly impress visitors.

One of the easiest ways to use this strategy is to set up a screen in your lobby or waiting room where you can play your videos. Then, as people arrive at your office they are greeted with a visual representation of your work.

Other ways you can use these videos in your office include using them during client pitches, internal meetings and to update your current clients on the progress of your work for them.

What better way to represent your business than with a time-lapse video that highlights days, or even weeks, of work in just a few minutes?

Time-lapse videos are the ultimate visual expression your business can use. Whether you are looking for ways to keep detailed records and pieces of memorabilia for your work or ways you can show off your work in a unique, interesting way, these videos can help.

When you use time-lapse videos on social media, on your website and in your office, you can quickly show people exactly what you business has to offer. The beauty of these videos is that they are high-tech and attractive and allow you to show the scope and size of a project in just a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a way to show off large, involved or detailed processes, produce a time-lapse video. The completed video can be used in several ways to help you promote and even grow your business, so it is one of the best investments you can make. Talk to us here at Time Lapse Systems to find out more about time-lapse photography and time-lapse videos can be beneficial to your business! 

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