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News iRis 2 Is Launched

30 September 2011 Kate

We have just launched our new online viewer, iRis 2.

iRis (Interactive Remote Imaging System) is the name we give to our on-line viewers, and iRis 2 has just been launched and rolled out to our many clients and their projects across the UK.

All of our clients are able to log in to iRis 2 via their unique, secure username and password, and view their project ‘live’ from wherever they may be, anywhere in the world. They can also view any archive or historic image from their project from the hours/days/weeks/months or years that their project has been running. Other functions means that clients can:

Zoom and pan over any image to pick our particular detail

Run a time-lapse movie of their project (to date)

Switch from camera to camera (on multiple camera jobs)

Email images to anyone they like.

View their project form not only their PC or their Mac, but from their iPad, iPhone or other Smartphone. Indeed, we even have our own iRis 2 ‘app’ for iPhone users!

Many clients share their usernames and passwords with their own clients, workforce, architects, surveyors, stakeholders, the general public; or they have us embed the viewer in their own website/s.

We also ‘bespoke’ and customise each of our client’s iRis 2 viewers in order that their viewer is resplendent with their own logos, branding, contact names and so on – thus giving the best impression to their own clients and stakeholders.

The new data management and client facing viewer has been developed by software developers for use exclusively by Hideaway Studios Group – Time-Lapse Systems. Through iRis 2 we are able to offer a better service with more features than anything currently offered by any other time-lapse or site monitoring company.

All of our current clients are being upgraded to iRis 2 at no extra cost and we will also be providing it to all new clients too. However, our prices will not alter. It is all a part of our aim to continue to offer the very best service for the very best value for money.

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