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News Making time-lapse work for you

26 September 2017 Daniel Curtis

The popularity of time-lapse video has exploded over the last decade as technology has become both more affordable and able to deliver ever-more staggering detail.

The application that is probably most commonly associated with time-lapse is construction, especially on a grand scale – buildings springing dramatically up from their foundations and leaping into life in a matter of moments.

However, these time-lapse construction videos, showing the power of time-lapse’s capabilities, may obscure the medium’s potential to impress in a host of different ways, genres and at a variety of scales.

Far from being limited to construction, camera systems can deliver results with real impact for the likes of retail, events, leisure, demolition and rail, roads & infrastructure.
Similarly, short-term projects can yield punchy and effective images that reflect rapid changes in a short-space of time, something particularly well-suited to the fitting-out of new retail destinations by using rapid-capture time-lapse.

An end-to-end time-lapse solution can be used in slick and professional marketing to illustrate the progress of a project and accurately reflect the impact and scale of the job at hand.
However, time-lapse camera systems are not limited to creating impressive marketing materials, they have a far more practical application in site monitoring.

Again, the potential applications are plentiful: productivity monitoring, accurate progress tracking, providing an eagle-eye over your deliveries or even (to return to our previous theme) as part of a marketing or awareness campaign.

By embedding live, zoomable images or even an entire gallery viewer to your site, you can invite your audience to dive deeper and see the project progressing for themselves, converting a potentially static, run-of-the-mill webpage into an interactive experience.

Of course, the biggest advantage of commissioning an end-to-end camera system over do-it-yourself solutions or lower-quality webcams/ IP cameras is that it is effortless for the client.

Whether for time-lapse or site monitoring, clients can enjoy total peace of mind thanks to the fact that these DSLR camera systems are able to be controlled remotely, are robust enough to withstand the most intense weather scenarios and are viewable from anywhere in the world.

But perhaps the biggest single advantage is that these bespoke solutions can provide incredibly detailed images of up to 8K ultra-high definition, leaving nothing to the imagination.

With entirely bespoke remote time-lapse systems tailored to your precise needs, Time-Lapse-Systems provide the comprehensive solution, delivering truly stunning images that are as practical or striking as you require.

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