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Sunlight over fallen autumn leaves.

News Autumn changes across the globe

4 October 2017 Kate

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves are falling from the trees to make a crisp and crunchy blanket under foot. To mark these autumnal changes, this blog features a selection of time-lapse videos that reflect the energy and vibrancy of this special season in different parts of the world.

In some literary works, such as the poetry of John Keats, autumn symbolises feelings of melancholia and reflection. Of course, it is often sad to see summer coming to an end, especially with the dark and cold nights drawing in.

Rather than mourning summer’s passing, however, ‘Awesome Autumn’ time-lapse embraces the spectacular changes brought about by the changing seasons. Consisting of an aerial view over the White Mountains of New England, situated in the northeasterly region of the United States, autumn is rendered as full of colour and life.

Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 compliments the bursting colours of the featured landscape. The use of tilt-shift also works really well here, with hikers and mountain railroads appearing as if from a miniature model railway set – adding to this dramatic autumnal scene.

From New England in the US to the north of England in the UK now – this next time-lapse edit takes us around Scotland during autumn. Again, the colours and the shifting patterns of light across the featured landscapes in this video reflect the boldness of the seasonal changes.

Created by Aidan Maccormick, this video captures the rhythm of the Scottish countryside full of life, with rivers and streams, trees, hillsides and mountains, all on the move.

Moving down the British Isles, Jan Treger’s time-lapse takes us to various locations across the Isle of Man where autumn and winter have taken hold. Its focus on particular landmarks sheds light on the beautiful relationship between these seasons and the landscapes that they effect.

As well as more rural areas where autumn changes are made incredibly loud and visible, with plentiful trees and foliage, such seasonal conditions can be equally as striking as experienced in more urban environments.

A perfect example of how time-lapse is the perfect medium for re-presenting this experience is the below ‘Japan Autumn Timelapse’ video from USCAPER. Footage of rural areas of Japan stylishly gives way to a journey through the city streets, where the crispness of the cool air is met with an explosion of autumnal colour from surrounding trees and the buzz of urban lights.

More stunning cityscapes are the focus of this drone lapse showing the changing seasons in Minsk from the air. The cloud movements in particular offer a dramatic composition over autumnal and wintery scenes.

The high quality rendering of the aerial shots also bring out the dynamic colours from street lights, office towers, and headlights, creating a smooth and stylish aesthetic.

Each of these videos not only illustrate many eye-catching elements associated with the autumn season as it is experienced in different parts of the world, but also demonstrate the ability of time-lapse to render these in unique and impressive ways.

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