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News Using time-lapse video to market your construction business

6 November 2018 Kate

Time-lapse construction projects are becoming a big part of business strategies for contractors.

With construction output reaching a record high above expectations earlier this year, it would appear to be the perfect time to push visual marketing initiatives to try and encourage this growth.

More and more of the world’s leading contractors are embracing time-lapse photography in order to win contracts and further develop their construction profile – online and elsewhere.

A fully post-produced time-lapse video can be a major asset to businesses trying to make their mark in an incredibly competitive industry.

Building progress in seconds

One of the major perks of watching a time-lapse construction video is that it is presenting a long, slow process in a more condensed and engaging way.

Whereas it might be quite difficult to give potential clients an accurate impression of the standard of your work using still images and other, more traditional marketing materials, time-lapse offers a more comprehensive perspective.

Images captured at regular intervals across a sustained period extends the basic function of photography, allowing for building progress to be visualised in sequence.

As part of a full end-to-end professional service, a time-lapse video showing your construction project will be in Ultra HD and ready to share through various channels, whether that be embedded on your website, social media platforms, on TV and/ or unveiled in a public place.

At the hands of highly skilled editors, all images captured of your construction site will be expertly sorted and arranged into a coherent visual sequence. Individual ‘markers’ – such as brand logos, project names, dates and any other relevant information – can be added to help shape the kind of story you want to tell.

This also means that any time-lapse can be brought into line and remain consistent with other marketing materials.

Such high quality content can be utilised widely to help inform, educate and entertain potential clients, stakeholders and the public about your construction work.


Construction site monitoring

The benefits of enlisting a time-lapse company go further than this, however.

As well as tailoring construction progress into a high quality time-lapse sequence, professional providers can positively influence how clients experience build progress using construction site monitoring.

Most time-lapse companies provide an online viewing portal which helps customise the way that clients can interact and view ongoing construction progress.

Via remote technologies, images captured by the camera system on site are sent and collated into an online archive which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

As well as making it easier for contractors to keep eyes on their project remotely, from a marketing perspective online viewing portals help to facilitate effective workflow; viewing and sharing time-lapse images and video of construction progress can easily be done from the same place.

The brand new iRis 4.0 time-lapse and site monitoring portal, displayed on a laptop

Above: our own revolutionary time-lapse and construction site monitoring portal – iRis 4.0 – which archives images and video of a project’s building progress in an accessible way.

Monthly progress edits, as well as high quality still images can be an ideal marketing tool for contractors during construction. Such visual content can help keep your staff and stakeholders engaged and even help to entice future investors to the project.

Construction site monitoring, then, is both a creative bonus and a valuable practicality of time-lapse.


Developing in both form and popularity in recent years, time-lapse photography for construction enables better management and marketability for contractors. Please get in touch if you think that your own work would benefit from time-lapse video.

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