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Milburngate April 2021

News Milburngate progress captured through time-lapse

16 August 2021 Kate

For over four years, our time-lapse camera system has been documenting the impressive and extensive progress being made at Milburngate.

Situated on the banks of the River Wear in the heart of Durham, the 450,000 sq ft development by the Arlington Richardson Development Partnership will offer grade A contemporary office space, high spec retail, and leisure units along with luxury apartments and hotel facilities.

In 2017, our specially trained time-lapse engineers were tasked with the challenge of locating the best possible camera position to capture the regeneration project in Durham’s city centre. Positioning the camera system on the opposite bank of the river on the former Passport office allowed a wide-ranging angle that could cover the full site. This meant that all demolition, groundworks, and the ongoing construction of the large-scale property development could be reported effectively.

Milburngate progress captured through time-lapse
Our camera system capturing the groundworks at Milburngate

Through our strategically positioned camera system, we have been able to capture the different stages of the £120 million development undertaken by Tolent. Most recently we have reported on a significant milestone –  the completion of the structural steel frames of Phase One – which includes office buildings, hotel, boutique cinema, retail and leisure units, as well as the three apartment blocks.

Throughout the project, our in-house editors have created progress edit videos to demonstrate the impressive on-site developments taking place despite the pandemic. Once the build is complete, we will also produce a final edit to showcase the full project.


Our bespoke camera system is also being used effectively throughout as a site monitoring tool for the vast city centre project. Our custom-built viewing platform provides a live, remote view of construction works as they take place. Through our micro-managed capture, zoom feature, and site monitoring capabilities, specific elements of the complex construction can be remotely managed and monitored by the contractors, project managers, and developers.

As with all our projects, we have been keen to ensure that our client’s requirements are met by offering an individual, bespoke service. The importance of time-lapse as well as the high standard of our work has been praised by Matt Leigh on behalf of Milburngate:

The time-lapse at Milburngate has been incredibly helpful to demonstrate the progress we’ve made on-site, particularly during the past 12 months. The progress time-lapse videos and the embed on our website mean we can easily keep people up to date as the development has taken shape. I’ve been immensely impressed by the level of customer service and quality of work provided by Time-Lapse Systems who’ve been fantastic throughout.

Milburngate has effectively used time-lapse stills images and video edits for marketing purposes, sharing and interacting on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels, to create interest in the rapid developments taking place throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic.

We are pleased to be involved in such a significant regeneration project in the North East, and will continue to produce consistent, high-quality capture of the works at Milburngate as well as the redevelopment of other Northern Powerhouse cities.

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