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Green Park House modular build for the Berkeley Group

News Modular construction projects through time-lapse

23 March 2020 Daniel Curtis

Modular construction is seen as the future of the construction industry and could be key to reducing current and forecasted housing shortages. With many benefits, modular build can be more cost-effective than traditional methods, improving construction speed, reducing waste and simplifying on-site logistics.

Time-lapse videos are a great way to showcase these benefits and the whole modular construction process. They show the ease, speed and quality of projects right from the first steel frames in the factory through to the last crane move on site. With high resolution above Ultra HD footage, the video can capture the intricate details of the high-quality finishes now involved in modular construction.

So, what is modular construction?

Modular construction is a process of off-site construction, where modules are constructed in a factory environment before being transported to site to be configured. The modules are designed to the same standards as conventionally built houses but on a much quicker time scale.

These modules can be assembled in a multitude of ways to suit the end-use and the location layout available. Housing estates can be created for general family living.


Modules can also be easily stacked to get the best use out of the land available, to create student or armed forces accommodation.

What is volumetric module construction and why is it popular?

Volumetric construction has become more popular as it involves the off-site construction of as much of a building as possible before being taken to site.

The internal layouts and finishes, including the kitchen, bathroom and in-built furniture of the module are completed in a factory setting prior to delivery by lorry to site. This helps reduce the use of trades on-site, which means the project runs to schedule.

What are the benefits of modular construction?

As construction has been taken off-site and on to the factory floor, it means the whole process can be sped up, waste can be reduced, costs decreased, and quality increased. With skilled factory-based specialists, all the elements of the build can be efficiently produced to a consistently high standard. Modular builds can be constructed even quicker if need be, on a continuous 24-7 roll without the delays of temperamental weather or challenging site logistics.

Modular builds can be synchronised with site work so projects can be completed a lot quicker than traditional construction.

Are modular builds greener?

On many levels modular construction is greener.

Being produced in a factory means the whole process is more efficient and material waste is reduced significantly. Using environmentally friendly materials has also become more common in such builds. Once built, they also tend to be much more energy-efficient, as they are sealed and insulated, meaning a reduction in energy use.

Even on-site work is more environmentally friendly, as fewer people and vehicles are required, meaning there’s less impact on the surrounding environment.

Why use time-lapse videos?

Time-lapse videos play an important role in moving modular construction forward. Visually documenting the whole process with high-quality video has numerous benefits. Architects, construction companies, investors and buyers can all see the ease, speed and quality of the process from factory to road to site. Instilling trust in this type of build is essential to the growth of future modular builds.

As the UK’s leading time-lapse video company, we have the expertise and know-how to produce modular build time-lapse videos to high specification requirements. Please contact us for more details and to discuss next your project.

Modular building at RAF Lyneham from a distance

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