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News Multiple camera systems for major UK contractor

7 January 2016 Kate

10th Kier site to utilise our time-lapse and site monitoring.

ONE of the UK’s leading building contractors is once again benefitting from our remote site monitoring services as we capture their new projects across the country.

Kier – who, with a turnover of £3bn last year, sit 4th in the 2015 Construction News Top Contractors table – are currently redeveloping the Whitefriars School in Harrow and building a new primary school teaching facility in Cambourne, both of which now have a bespoke time-lapse camera system in situ.

Most recently however our team installed a camera system at the University of Cambridge, where Kier are undertaking a £58m job as part of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus’ masterplan. The 17,000 sq ft Capella building is the second largest of 23 projects that Kier have undertaken for the university.

University of Cambridge

Due to be in place until the very end of 2016, the time-lapse camera system we have installed will make monitoring the site from anywhere in the world both possible and exceptionally easy, thanks to our remote network capabilities.

A new, Ultra HD image will populate the dedicated viewing platform every 15 minutes, allowing site manager Steve Oxby and his team to keep tabs on progress, deliveries and more from any PC or mobile device. The sheer quality of images we produce is far superior to anything a webcam can produce, meaning Kier are able to scrutinise whole site in detail.

At the end of the project we will also deliver a fully post-produced time-lapse video, which Kier will be able to use in any number of ways – whether that be internally, for future planning or in wider marketing. Our market-leading editing techniques guarantee the very best quality videos for all our clients.

Like many of our repeat clients, Steve uses our expertise to fulfil all his time-lapse and site monitoring needs. We recently completed capturing a project for him and Kier Major Projects at RAF Lyneham, focusing on construction of modular accommodation blocks for more than 1,100 military trainees. We used four camera systems across the year’s build – three in situ at the Wiltshire base and an additional one at the modular factory at Caledonian Modular in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Other current projects we are capturing for the wider Kier Group include a new three-storey teaching block at Whitefriars School in north-west London and new primary school building in Cambridgeshire.

These latest three projects mean we have now operated camera systems on 10 different Kier projects, each of varying size and with unique needs and challenges. Others we have already completed include:

  • Capturing both excavation and construction works at the Moorgate Station Crossrail site.
  • Installation of sewage treatment tanks in Lostock, Bolton.
  • Another primary school build in Cambridgeshire.

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