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Bokeh reflections on a grey and red Christmas tree bauble.

News #NationalChristmasTreeDay 2018!

12 December 2018 Kate

The 8th December every year marks #NationalChristmasTreeDay, which celebrates possibly the most iconic festive symbol of them all.

To join in with this celebration, we have selected some of our favourite Christmas tree time-lapse videos from across the Internet.

Emirates Palace Christmas Tree Time-Lapse


We’re starting big – Emirates Palace big.

Extravagance is to be expected in the United Arab Emirates and this tree is no exception. Every year around this time, the hotel begins its seasonal programme, including a special Christmas tree light switch-on in the palace’s grand dome.

Constructing and then decorating a tree of this size is no small feat and so time-lapse is the perfect way to document every last detail of this work. A cherry picker was needed in order to hoist those responsible for decorating the gigantic festive feature into place.

The Living Christmas Tree | Construction Time Lapse

Here at Time-Lapse Systems we love a time-lapse construction video! And a Christmas-themed one fits the bill perfectly for the festive season.

Another celebration of considerable magnitude, the people of Foothills Baptist Church in Ahwatukee, Phoenix Arizona, get together every year to construct the only living Christmas tree in their town. What you see here is 150 people and many hours of work to make a stunning display.

Again, time-lapse helps to communicate a sense of just how much work goes into something like this.

Wall Christmas tree in timelapse

Don’t have a tree to decorate this year? Fear not.

David Tan’s time-lapse video is the perfect inspiration: a Christmas tree decoration put up on the wall, formed of tinsel, fairy lights and baubles. The intricacy of this process is not to be underestimated and the finished product is just as impressive an addition to the home as an actual 3D tree!

Shed Antler Christmas Tree Time Lapse


We continue with a flourishing of creativity in our exploration of Christmas tree decorating, with this extraordinary time-lapse: a tree made entirely of naturally shed deer and elk antlers!

An hour of careful craft recorded in less than 50 seconds to document this truly rustic take on a festive tradition.

Christmas Tree Lane Time Lapse 2016

We like to go out with a bang so here is a time-lapse tracking a car journey through ‘the oldest large-scale Christmas lighting spectacle in the United States’.

Christmas Tree Lane is a boulevard of deodar cedar trees in Altadena, California, which has been lit up this way annually since 1920.

The display, situated on Santa Rosa Avenue, has become somewhat of a landmark. Some of the trees along this historic lane are over one hundred years old and are partly the reason why the display was granted landmark status in the US and named on the National Register of Historic Places.

From the video it is not surprising to see why such a display attracts rows of cars and visitors every year.


For more fascinating time-lapse videos like these, check out last year’s blog marking #NationalChristmasTreeDay 2017.

December is only just beginning, so keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas-themed blogs scheduled for the next few weeks.

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