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Time-lapse image of a Kier construction project, overlooking a crane and the erection of steelwork at Thorndown Primary School.

News Using time-lapse: projects in the education sector

4 December 2018 Kate

Our “using time-lapse” spotlight blogs take a closer look at how businesses big and small are utilising our full range of services.

Construction projects in the education sector are often important public developments.

As part of our industry-leading service, we time-lapse UK projects by various leading contractors, who are building the foundations for improvements to educational facilities across the country.

We have provided time-lapse and other media solutions for key institutions in various locations such as Oxford, Cambridge, London (and elsewhere in the South of England), Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland.

Project file #1 – Project Capella

Location: Cambridge Biomedical Campus, University of Cambridge
Project value: £58m

Client: Kier
Capture duration: October 2015 – August 2017

A Kier crane overhangs the completed Project Capella Building at the University of Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Above: Time-lapsing Kier’s Project Capella – a brand new university laboratory at Cambridge Biomedical Campus – which marked the 10th construction site we have worked on for the UK’s second biggest contractor.

Our fully managed, long-term time-lapse for Kier shows construction of a £multi-million science building for the University of Cambridge.

The second largest of 23 projects that the contractor has undertaken at the university, the 17,000 sq ft Project Capella was part of a wider Biomedical Campus masterplan to boost research at the world-leading institution.

Such a feat of construction backed by millions of pounds worth of investment exemplifies the significance of such projects to the public sector and to the fields of scientific research.

Time-lapse capture is a way of marking these important milestones, both for the institutions involved and the students, staff & wider public who will surely benefit from these developments.

Project file #2 – Chemistry of Health building

Location: University of Cambridge
Project value: £22.8m

Client: University of Cambridge
Capture duration: April 2016 – April 2017


Another Kier construction project at the University of Cambridge, the Chemistry of Health building will house world-leading research facilities, such as the Centre for Misfolding Diseases, which will be dedicated to tackling neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Following 12 months of capture for the University of Cambridge, we delivered a fully post-produced, Ultra HD time-lapse video, which was the first to be published on their new Department of Chemistry YouTube channel.

The video features on a number of the university’s webpages – condensing a year-long build into three minutes – detailing the significance of this substantial development in UK research.

We have captured other university projects for which time-lapse has functioned as a key component in publicising construction progress via institutional channels and to the wider public.

One of our camera systems is currently installed on site of the West Downs Development at the University of Winchester. The university regularly post images and progress edits from our online viewing portal to their website and Twitter feed.

Indeed, construction work that is part of crucial campus developments will be of interest to students, staff and public alike. Time-lapse video is an engaging means of narrating ongoing progress as well as showing the build retrospectively.

Project file #3 – London Screen Academy (Working Title School)

Location: Islington
Project value: £2.5m

Client: Pristine London
Capture duration: May 2018 –

Not all of our work in the education sector is time-lapse construction projects: our camera systems often capture other developments, including demolition, internal fit-outs, special events and more.

We recently time-lapsed the first phase of a Film Production Free School project in Islington, known as Working Title School but recently rebranded as the London Screen Academy.

Our time-lapse video edit documented enabling works undertaken by our client which involved a number of meticulous processes, including:

  • demolition of existing roof structure,
  • installation of 80 tonnes of steel
  • removal and cutting of 25,000 sq ft of concrete slab across 5 floors.

We carefully micro-manage outdoor projects using sophisticated remote technologies, allowing 24-hour control of capture regardless of duration or conditions faced on site.

This meant that we were able to provide faultless capture as far north as snowy Stornoway in Scotland, time-lapsing a flagship school build as part of the Western Isles School Project scheme.


This is a spotlight on only a handful of the projects that we have worked on in the education sector alone.

Leading UK institutions are increasingly choosing time-lapse photography to showcase improvements to their facilities and campuses. If you think that your work would benefit from time-lapse capture, or any other media solutions, please do get in touch.

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