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Demolition work of a tower at Molson Coors

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15 May 2015 Daniel Curtis

This series of blogs takes a closer look at the work Time-Lapse Systems undertakes across a variety of different industries.

Demolition projects often signal the end of a once great or iconic building or structure that is no longer fit for purpose.

They are also some of the most tricky to complete safely, as tonnes of concrete, steel and brickwork are ripped down to the ground.

Increasingly, time-lapse cameras are being used to both help the process and create an archive of images for future reference. No longer does a building have to be forgotten.

Our online image viewing system – iRis (Interactive Remote Imaging System) – is designed to give you access to your site from anywhere in the world. Ultra HD images are uploaded securely to our backed-up servers and then populate your custom portal.

From you desktop, tablet or any number of devices, you can then check the demolition’s progress as it takes place. As demolition sites are such dangerous areas, a discreetly fixed time-lapse camera system – put in place before the work starts – can provide a view from angles inaccessible during the dismantling process.

At the end of the project, we can also provide an archive of all the images captured from the demolition. Or, as this can run into tens-of-thousands of files, can pick out the key stages and provide an abridged look back.

But, when using images for marketing, the most popular result of a time-lapse camera system capture is the video that we professionally produce. Our expert editors can transform still images into a comprehensive look at the demolition progress, such as in these edits.

Find out just some of the prestigious clients we have had the pleasure of working with on our testimonials page.

This full edit for Connell Brothers is a great example of how time-lapse can archive both the old and introduce the new, as we captured both the demolition and construction processes at the Enson Works, Normacot.

The unique fixing position used provided a view of the site that is not achievable easily – certainly a view you would not get from being on-site yourself. The precious, historic bottle kilns in the video were to be kept as part of a regeneration project in Stoke-on-Trent. Our time-lapse camera system meant that there was a great overview of the work taking place, keeping the kilns safe from the demolition process.

And, as previously mentioned, we were also able to capture the new building being constructed on-site, eventually creating a video that fully documents the regeneration process:

Adding motion to a time-lapse is also possible, such as Molson Coors’ huge site in Burton upon Trent. To capture both stages of the demolition, we panned across whilst still capturing time-lapse images.

The results speak for themselves:

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