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The Smiler rollercoaster being constructed at Alton Towers

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22 May 2015 Daniel Curtis

This series of blogs takes a closer look at the work Time-Lapse Systems undertakes across a variety of different industries.

Construction and demolition companies often enlist our services to help them capture their work. But time-lapse is not exclusively for heavy industries such as those.

As experts in time-lapse photography and videos, we help clients from a range of different fields to fully document their projects, creating an unrivalled marketing and storytelling narrative.

The pieces we produce are also ideal for time and motion studies, work winning and archive purposes.

One of the most popular and successful videos we have ever produced was commissioned by the Royal Albert Hall, who asked us to create a special ‘year in the life’ piece. The Hall is one of the most prestigious arts venues in the world and we were tasked with discreetly mounting a bespoke camera system inside the Victorian-era hall.

We then captured continuously across 12 months. With the images taken, we created this stunning time-lapse video that has been viewed 75,000 times on YouTube:


Time-lapse is perfect for construction projects, so why not Lego ones as well? Legoland Windsor’s master builders work for tens of thousands of hours on models that are then shipped to Legoland parks and Discovery Centres across the world.

This model of Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park is another hugely popular time-lapse video we captured and edited. Now soaring past 130,000 views on YouTube, it is clear that this sort of photography can help massively in marketing strategies.


And also in the theme park world was this project we completed for Alton Towers, capturing the construction of their latest roller coaster. The record breaking ‘coaster that is The Smiler caught the imagination of the country with a powerful advertising campaign backing its launch.

The time-lapse video we produced was part of that, proving hugely popular on both the Internet and as part of the ride DVD that has since been released.

But you can also see it below:


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