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Capturing time-lapse at a Horse Guards Parade event

News Project at Horse Guards Parade

3 March 2011 Kate

Our camera looks over Horse Guards Parade towards St James’ Park and The Mall. The temporary building which Lemon Drop have built can be seen on the Parade Ground, to the right of the frame, with Admiralty House behind it.

We are delighted to be working for Chris Newcombe and Lemon Drop Ltd on such a prestigious job in the truly historic and iconic location of Horse Guards Parade.

Lemon Drop are leaders in delivering the most prestigious and sophisticated events for some very high profile clients around the globe. As well as being Managing Director and Head of Global Sales for Lemon Drop, Chris is a great chap to work for.

Chris and Lemon Drop have commissioned two time-lapse camera systems. Camera 1 has been set up above the former office of the Duke of Wellington on the balcony of the Horse Guards Building which fronts on to both the Parade and to Whitehall, to capture the construction of high specification temporary buildings to house the event. Camera 2 has been set up inside the temporary buildings to capture the construction and decoration of the lavish interiors. Both cameras will also capture the event itself and the spectacle of the evenings activities as well as the de-construction which will follow.

This is the first time anyone has secured permissions to stage an event such as this on Horse Guards Parade, and the fact that Lemon Drop secured those permissions is a testament to their reputation, professionalism and the high regard in which they are held.

Its the first time that time-lapse camera systems have been given access to this location too, with special permissions having to be granted by the security services, 10 Downing Street and senior members of the Armed Forces. Being able to work with Lemon Drop on such a project is a privilege.

Delivering the best job possible, requires the best people possible, and we are delighted to be working with Ollie Larkin on this particular project. Ollie is a time-lapse specialist in his own right with considerable experience, and is one of the best in the business.

We are looking forward to doing something particularly special in post-production for this particular project in order to do full justice to the location, and the exceptional nature of the project, which will enable Chris to show the special things that Lemon Drop Ltd are capable of.

You can now view a version of the edit on our YouTube channel.

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