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News Special photo moments – rainbows

6 October 2017 Kate

Above: a rainbow shooting out over the iconic Nine Elms development along the River Thames, London.

As well as for the obvious practical purposes of continuous interval capture needed for projects taking place over extended periods of time, this type of photography can sometimes isolate particular magical ‘moments’ or meteorological phenomenons, such as rainbows.

Rainbows appear in the sky when sunlight enters a raindrop from one direction and is then reflected off the back of it. Part of the incoming light that is reflected back, does so over a wide range, with the most intense light appearing at 42°.

White light separates into different colour upon entering the raindrop because of dispersion, which is what forms the colourful bows in the sky.

Our camera systems are fully operational and functioning at capacity in any weather and so we have captured many a rainbow over various parts of the UK. Here’s a selection of some of the best.


A rainbow over construction on site in Reading.

Above: a rainbow over construction on a project in Reading.


Rainbow over construction at Norton Bridge.

Above: a rainbow protruding from construction works at Norton Bridge.


The outline of a rainbow in the grey skies over Newport.

Above: the outline of a rainbow just visible in the skies over Newport.


Rainbow over construction for an educational build in Saint Ives.

Above: a rainbow bringing some colour on a grey day on site in Saint Ives.


Even on the cloudiest of days, then, there’s still photo opportunities to be had!

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