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News Showcasing a Theme Park with Time-Lapse Video

25 April 2014 Daniel Curtis

It’s not uncommon for companies and corporations to utilise time-lapse videos for their professional work, as a document or promotional tool. Its versatility means it’s suitable for any number of purposes, whether that’s to film an important event or technical process, either for marketing or as a professional record and document. This is especially applicable for theme parks and it’s no surprise that some of the biggest parks in the UK have already employed the technique for their own business, in some capacity. The chances are, you’ve seen more than a few videos of this nature, with the sun rising and setting over some of the most famous rides out there. It’s a great means to showcase a park in its best possible light, recording everything from special events to the creation of exhibits and installation of rides. Time-lapse video creates the opportunity for parks to record and promote everything from the creation of the park to some of the most special events that take place there over the years. And this is why it’s a great option to consider for any amusement park.

It goes without saying that theme and amusement parks are some of the most visually exciting and dynamic places out there. After all, there are few other places that encourage adults to dress up as cartoon characters and celebrate the vomiting after people have willingly chucked themselves upside down and thrown themselves down six feet drops in nothing but a small car with a rail to protect them. They’re magical places. So something that can show this off to the best degree is automatically going to be welcome. Enter time-lapse video, which can capture the theme park from the very offset. Filming rides or exhibitions, for example, being built and installed is a popular option. We all enjoy them when we’re on them, so there’s automatically the public interest to see their progression from their most basic origins to the incredible structures they later become. It’s a great piece of promotional footage that can then be used on the park’s website or on other platforms to generate excitement and interest, especially in the case of a new ride. More than that, it’s also of use to the owners and those involved in the project, of course. They can get a full overview of all the work done, the methods used and the exact details, which can be of use, especially when creating other rides, and it can also then be used as a portfolio document for future clients, more effectively than even the finished ride can be. It shows the exact detail of the process, which might be lost on anyone simply looking at the finished result. And that is something that works as a great promotional tool whether its being used for members of the public or future clients on other jobs.


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In terms of highlighting the park at its best moments, it’s also a great way of capturing any special events that take place. When you consider the amount of work that goes into these occasions, having a way of recording this can be important. With time-lapse video, every last detail, including the initial set up, can be duly caught on film, which once again serves both as a way of garnering interest from the public and as a record of the park on one of its more important occasions. It also serves as a historical document as much as a memento for those involved in the event and the park at this time. As far as showcasing the theme park at its best, this is the way to do it.

Of course, many choose to film a day in the life of the park, or a specific season. This has a manifest of benefits. But one of the more important might be as a way for the business to better understand how the park functions as a whole. Beyond the numbers of ticket-buyers, rides ridden the most, peak times and off periods, all of which are important to know when running any business, having this time caught on film adds another dimension of detail, that can then better help the understanding of that side of things in general. It’s a way of seeing how people interact within the park on any given day and time; what rides they go to and how long they’re willing to queue for; when the most popular times for any given rides or exhibitions are; the general age of those attending; how they behave and what they’re drawn to within the park. Though when putting it that way, it can sound a little bit like Big Brother, in reality, it’s all basic information that’s essential to running any successful business. All of the information gained can then be translated back into how the park is run, to ensure the desires of the customers are properly reflected. If you know how the public as a whole are using the park, that knowledge can then be used to help you promote certain exhibitions or rides, know when the best time to introduce a new feature into the park is and generally how to create the best experience for your customers, that can then translate into better custom for the park as a whole.

In other words, from the very start of building a new ride, to having it installed, to seeing how the public use and interact with it, the entire life of a theme park can be mapped out, from start to finish. Whether the footage is then used to promote the park, garner interest with new customers by giving them a taste of what they can expect, used as a historical document or even as a business tool, for keen analysis and speculation that can then help how the park is run as a whole, time-lapse video can be of dramatic use to theme parks and its for this reason that so many of the major ones have already started employing it for their own parks. The result is more than just some fantastic footage.

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