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News Should You Use Time-Lapse Videos to Promote Your Business?

23 April 2014 Daniel Curtis

Time-lapse videos are an entertaining and useful medium, but should your business be using them? It’s tempting to start using an interesting and exciting type of technology right away, just because it’s fun. But, before you start using time-lapse videos, you should do some research to make sure it is the right tool for your business.

All kinds of businesses and industries use time-lapse videos for different reasons, and your business has unique needs. The most important thing to assess is whether or not this kind of technology can help your business be more successful. But, here are some things to ask yourself and consider to find out if you should invest in time-lapse videos.

Does my Business Produce Visual Results?

The businesses that get the most out of time-lapse videos produce visual results. Businesses in the construction, remodelling, landscaping, restoration, entertainment and building industries are good examples of businesses that have visual results to show off.

If your business produces results that can be seen, time-lapse videos might be for you. Of course, you can also use these videos as a way to show what your product does. For example, maybe you don’t do landscaping, but you provide gardening tools. You could use a video to show a garden being completely redesigned using your tools, showing a before and after image.

Does my Business Create Change?

Time-lapse videos are best suited to highlighting change. If your business produces change, whether it is over a period of months or just one afternoon, a time-lapse video can help you document and show that change to others.

Projects that require assembling systems, entertainment, building structures, arranging props, plant growth or any other change are perfect for time-lapse videos. These videos are produced by taking a picture of a scene repeatedly, over a period of time, to capture change. If that change isn’t occurring, it is impossible to create a time-lapse video.

However, keep in mind that the changes in a video don’t need to be big or drastic. In fact, a time-lapse video is very good at highlighting even small and subtle things because when the stages of change are seen back-to-back, they are more visible.

A perfect example of this concept is a flower blossoming. The changes in this process are tiny. A seed begins to sprout, leaves slowly unfurl and a bud begins to open very slowly. It takes days or even weeks for a flower to bloom completely, and the changes are very subtle. But, when seen through a time-lapse video, the changes become more noticeable and the entire process becomes more awe-inspiring.

For more information on Time-Lapse Systems and how they can work for your business, view some of Our Work.

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Will our Projects be More Easily Understood with Video?

If your projects are highly technical, large scale or hard to describe or show to others, a time-lapse video can fix the problem. Even the biggest and most technical projects can be more easily understood with time-lapse videos.

Sometimes a visual representation of a concept or project is the best tool to help people understand something. When you combine that idea with the technology of a time-lapse video, you have a piece that makes even complicated things very clear.

It’s hard to tell someone exactly what you did as you built a bridge or just how spectacular a performance was. But, when you can condense those complicated changes into just a few minutes, they suddenly become very clear.

This also makes it easier to illustrate the depth and scope of a project. They say “seeing is believing” and this is absolutely true. If your business produces results that you can’t do justice through photographs, descriptions or other tools, a time-lapse video is the perfect solution.

Do we Need a Way to Illustrate what we Do?

Time-lapse videos are one of the best ways to illustrate what you do if you provide products or services that create change. It’s hard to tell someone “our fertiliser makes plants grow stronger and greener,” and have them fully understand how well your product works. However, a time-lapse video can illustrate just how well it works, as grass, flowers and plants blossom and become mature right before your customers’ eyes.

If your business needs a good way to illustrate its products and services, time-lapse videos are a great way to do this. They are interesting to watch and do an excellent job of portraying change and the depth of a project in just a few minutes.

Do we Have a Way to Show the Videos?

Finally, you need to ask yourself if you have a way to show time-lapse videos. These videos are high definition and high quality, so you can show them in so many different places, online and on a television screen.

Some great places to use a time-lapse video include your website or blog, email marketing messages and social media pages. You can also play time-lapse videos in employee meetings, when you pitch potential clients, in your lobby, at trade shows and during industry conferences.

Time-lapse videos are an excellent marketing tool you can use in so many different ways. They are also entertaining and fun to watch, so they are an effective way of getting your audience’s attention and showing off what you can do.

These videos use amazing technology that can help your business in so many ways. But, before you start planning a video, ask yourself these questions and assess if a time-lapse video can benefit your business and help you meet your goals.

Having a time-lapse video produced is a great investment that can help you promote your business, attract more customers, show off your services, illustrate what you do and help people understand technical processes. If you feel like a time-lapse video can help your business, contact us today to get your project up and running!

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